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Ravens’ Ray Rice May Now may be Reinstated to NFL

UPDATE on October 22, 2014

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice might actually be able to suit up for another team and return to the playing field prior to Thanksgiving Day.

Here’s what Newsy is reporting:

According to a CBS NFL Insider, legal analysts say Rice has an “exceedingly strong case” for reinstatement when he appeals the suspension handed to him by commissioner Roger Goodell.

Rice was suspended indefinitely from the Ravens after allegations he punched his then-fiancée in the face in the now-infamous elevator incident that sparked national outrage.



Bishop T. D. Jakes Responds to “Critic” Who Questioned His Diamond Ring on Instagram

Wow, we certainly are surprised every-time we hear of a preacher who is bothered about what people say about them. 

We question how a preacher like Bishop T. D. Jakes has time to keep up with news on the Internet. This time, Bishop T. D. Jakes has…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Ebola Fear Has Bishop T. D. Jakes’ Daughter Staying Home

Cora, the daughter of Bishop T. D. Jakes chose to remain home from the State Fair, because of Ebola. 

This plague has scared a lot of people so much, they can’t even enjoy themselves.  However, we certainly pray that first…Read full article, here.


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The Courts Have Banned Alabama Pastor That Admitted to Having Aids and Using Cocaine In Church

If you’ve kept up with our previous posts, you will recall us honoring Pastor Juan McFarland for telling the truth to his congregation, unlike Bishop Eddie Long. 

However, there is a price he must now pay.  McFarland can no longer attend or occupy the premises of Shiloh Missionary BaptistRead full article, here.



Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Celebrity News: Oprah Winfrey Says “Nobody But Jesus Could’ve Predicted the Life I’ve Had”

Oprah Winfrey is speaking more and more about Jesus Christ and that’s a good thing. 

Once before, we heard her admit she is a born again Christian before thousands of people at Carnegie Hall.  Now, she is admitting in…Read full article, here.
Photo: Black Christian News ask: ‘Should Your Pastor Be A Member Of The Freemasons?’

This is a good question, ‘should a pastor be a member of the Freemasons?’ 

We say no, in our opinion, the organization is allegedly wicked and not of God.   According to our other source, Freemasonry is aRead full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


First Lady of New York Church, Pastor Lois Rochford Passes Away

The first lady of New Life Cathedral has went home to be with the Lord. 

Pastor Lois Rochford was not only the first lady, but also a humble wife to Bishop Robert Joel Rochford.  Bishop Rochford needs our prayers.  We need to pray for…Read full article, here.

Celebrity News: Fantasia Got Married!!

We’re so happy for Fantasia.  She went through so much pain in her previous relationship, she deserves to be happy. 
We certainly pray she remains happy with her new husband, Kendall for…Read full article, here.
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Cleveland Fugitive Wanted in Assault of Church Volunteer

If you’ve seen this man, Roderic Benson, please call police, immediately. 

Benson allegedly assaulted a church volunteer in Cleveland, Ohio.  Saints of God, you really have to be careful even in church…Read full article, here.


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Radio Caller Tells Gospel Artist Isaac Carree That He Is Not Humble

We just want to say, it seems like gospel artist, Isaac Carree is very humble.

If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have accepted this caller’s accusation and apologized.   The average gospel artist, probably would have been soRead full article, here.


Source: Repent Gospel Artists

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