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Pastor Donnie McClurkin Admits He Has Throat Cancer: God is a Healer

RGA readers let’s hold Pastor Donnie McClurkin up in prayer. 

He has allegedly announced he has throat cancer while speaking at The Potters House.   We know God is a healer and there is no sickness…Read full article, here.


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One of Megachurch Prophet, T.B. Joshua’s Building Collapsed and Killed nearly 70 People

Prophet T.B. Joshua is under scrutiny, after one of his church buildings collapsed and killed about 70 people. 

Allegedly, some of his church members blocked rescue efforts, afterwards.  Now, we are not sure what actually took place, but we…Read full article, here.



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Celebrity News: Robert Griffin III Told by NFL Not to Wear “Know Jesus, Know Peace” T-Shirt at Press Conference

Saints of God, we are living in the last days. 

This professional football player who is evidently a believer in Christ was told by NFL not to wear his T-Shirt that reveals…Read full article, here.


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Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble ‘Loves Taking Church Offering; Starts ‘Just Wants Your Money’ Sermon Series


Pastor Perry Noble explains what he means by receiving church offerings. 

He has just started a sermon series, ‘Just Wants Your Money.’ Now, it may cause a stir within social media and the body of Christ, but you…Read full article, here.

Christian Music Artist Carman, Church Leaders Need to Stop ‘Terrorizing’ Joel Osteen: Who Is Carman Worshiping???


A lot of people are in hell today for idolizing people not only in the world, but in the church.  

Carman, Christian music artist seems to be enforcing his opinions on other people who are holy and righteous.  The singer allegedly says…Read full article, here.
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Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago Debut New Single, “War”

We must say, regardless of Pastor Charles Jenkins personal issues, we love this gospel song, ‘War’. 

Pastor Jenkins and The Fellowship Chicago Mass Choir are really doing it.  We haven’t heard a good gospel song like this…Read full article, here.


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Bishop T. D. Jakes Expands Into Secular TV With Two New Shows

Wow, after becoming Oprah Winfrey’s friend Bishop T.D. Jakes really has stepped up into showbiz. 

We recall him occasionally being a guest when Oprah had her daytime talk show, then has been featured on her Life Class.  Now, he has expanded intoRead full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Celebrity News: Gladys Knight Wants Kelly Rowland to Play Her in a Biopic

Finally, we agree with a celebrity when it comes to a celebrity playing a main character in a biopic film. 

Not only do we think Kelly Rowland would be a perfect match when it comes to her voice, but she favors Gladys Knight.   For too many…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Detroit Pastor says Christians Must Create a ‘Culture of Accountability’ for Their Church Leaders

Pastor Christopher Brooks speaks the truth when it comes to what Christians must do when it comes to their church leaders. 

We agree with him, in order for things to change, it’s up to the followers of  the church leaders to see that they…Read full article, here.
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