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APS Gets New Superintendent After Atlanta School Cheating Scandal

APS Gets New Superintendent After Atlanta School Cheating Scandal

Meria Carstarphen is officially the new Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent and she started work as the district’s new leader on Monday.

Carstarphen will be facing a list of challenges which include: raising graduation rates that hover at 59 percent, repairing the image of a school system still tainted by the stigma of a standardized test-cheating scandal and getting the district’s often inefficient bureaucracy to work better for schools.

School starts in only one month and Atlanta parents, residents and staff want to see evidence of change under this new administration.

Top Atlanta School Executive and Educators Turn Themselves In To Do Jail Time

atlanta school teachers turn themselves in

Top Atlanta School Executive and Educators Turn Themselves In To Do Jail Time

We are sorry to sound like this but we are very happy this is happening. We almost can’t believe that the educators are really going to pay in jail time for their participation in one of the country’s biggest school cheating scandals. Though this is a sad time, people have to take account for the misdeeds that they did which is depriving the students from a good education.

Read below more about the those who have to do jail time:

Beverly Hall, Former Superintendent of Atlanta PublicBeverly Hall resigned from her position in 2011 after a state investigation into large, unexplained test score gains in some Atlanta schools. She has denied any role in the cheating scandal.
A Fulton County grand jury last week indicted 35 educators from the district, including principals, teachers and testing coordinators. They were ordered to turn themselves in by Tuesday, District Attorney Paul Howard said.
By 10:00 p.m., 27 of 35 educators had turned themselves in at the Fulton County Jail to face charges including racketeering, theft by taking and making false statements about their roles in an alleged plot to falsify students’ standardized tests. Eight of them had been released on bond late Tuesday, the Fulton County Sheriff’s office said.
Watch videos of those indicted and turning themselves in here.

Atlanta School District Offers Deal To ‘Quit Now To Avoid Charge Letter’ But Many Educators Renounce It

Atlanta School District Offers Deal But Many Educators Renounce The Offers
It’s not going to be an easy road for APS school district to push Atlanta educators off the payroll. The educators accused of cheating are not convinced to resign because they have very little incentive to leave, says AJC news.
If this is the case, this means the taxpayers will ultimately be on the hook for the costly ‘firing process’. To get down to the real numbers, the district has spent $6.2 million in salaries for suspended teachers which comes up to $600,000 per month. Even the legal fees are astronomical at $700,000 and will increase as they work on building a case against nearly 120 educators still on the payroll.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:
Last week, APS met with about 60 educators who face the most egregious allegations to put an offer on the table: Quit now and avoid receiving a “charge letter,” the first step in the firing process, and one that can stain an educator’s career. Five educators have taken the deal, according to APS.
Other employees are considering the offer, said a district spokesman. APS said expected it would take some employees time to make a decision. In the meantime, the district plans to issue charge letters on a case-by-case basis. Superintendent Erroll Davis said Friday the district will start with those who confessed, and other egregious cases.
“If in fact they have done these things, if in fact the conclusions are inevitable, I think the benefits of resigning would outweigh the benefits of staying on the payroll for a couple of months,” he said.
But it is unclear is why accused educators would quit rather than challenge APS to prove the charges against them.
Educators have job protection rights, meaning they can only be fired for eight reasons and it’s up to the school district to prove their guilt. They can request a hearing to challenge the firing and can appeal the decision up to the state Supreme Court. Members of teacher advocacy groups like the Georgia Association of Educators have access to legal aid, which covers attorney fees during this process.
Read more of the story at AJC News

Atlanta School Educators Will Face Indictments From Fulton County Grand Jury

Atlanta School Educators Will Face Indictments From Fulton County Grand Jury
Well, it appears that the fate of some Atlanta School teachers and educators will come soon. Many of them will face the consequences for participating in one of the nation’s largest cheating scandals.  Let’s find out exactly what many of them who have evidence against them will have to face from the grand jury:
Report from
Since July, Atlanta Public Schools has been spending about $600,000 a month to pay the salaries of educators placed on administrative leave after their names appeared in a 400-plus page report on cheating. The district has been unable to fire teachers because of complicated state employment laws and a lack of access to critical evidence.
Wednesday, Superintendent Erroll Davis said the district worked out an arrangement with District Attorney Paul Howard to view evidence against about 120 accused educators still on the payroll. That means APS can start building cases to terminate those deemed guilty of cheating, and retain those who are cleared.
“My intent is to bring these proceedings to an end as quickly as possible,” Davis said. “I am hopeful we can do that by the end of this academic year.”
Fulton prosecutors are preparing indictments with charges such as altering public documents, a felony, relating to the cheating scandal and for alleged kickback schemes involving APS vendors, lawyers familiar with the investigation said.

The district is under pressure to resolve the cases before May 15, the deadline for deciding whether to renew teaching contracts. Non-renewal is tantamount to firing.

Atlanta School District Agrees To Repay $363,000 for Cheating

Beverly Hall Cartoon

Beverly Hall Cartoon- Just for Laughs- Courtesy of

Atlanta School District Agrees To Repay $363,000 for Cheating

Federal money given to the Atlanta Public Schools will be repaid to the government. The state school Superintendent John Barge told the press that the district has 90 days to return the money, according to the Associated Press.

The State of Georgia investigated over 100 schools involved in a widespread systematic cheating scandal in the Atlanta Public Schools last year that dates back as far as 2001. There were nearly 180 educators and teachers who were accused of either giving students answers on tests or elaborately changing tests answers in order to achieve high scoring in the district.

Atlanta School Cheating: Five Educators Cleared in Scandal Out of 180 Teachers

ATL School Cheating Scandal clears 5

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Atlanta School Cheating: Five Educators Cleared in Scandal

Superintendent Erroll Davis of Atlanta schools has stated that five educators will not face criminal charges in the district’s cheating scandal.

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