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  • Watch Video: Hemy Neuman Guilty But Mentally Ill: Can God Heal Insanity?

    Watch Video: Hemy Neuman Guilty But Mentally Ill: Can God Heal Insanity?

    Allegedly, it was mentioned Neuman suffered from depression, bi-polar disorder and delusions heightened by rejection from the victim’s wife, Andrea Sneiderman.   Lately, we have heard so much about this bi-polar disorder in the news, if it is not suicide, someone cannot control their depression among co-workers and strangers whom cannot understand their emotional stress.   In this case, Hemy Neuman allegedly shot a man while dropping off son at his daycare. Rusty Sneiderman was the husband of the woman, Neuman had been allegedly in an adulterous relationship with, Andrea Sneiderman.   This man’s alleged insanity was probably began when he no longer felt desired by his lover.   However, Ariela Neuman, Hemy’s estranged wife did not support her husband, because she claims he was faking his alleged insanity, possibly because she is bitter of their separation or maybe she just knows her husband more than anyone else.

    If Hemy Neuman is mentally ill, sin drove him to it, because he was allegedly having an affair with the dead man’s wife, Andrea Sneiderman.  Did you know sin could be the very reason Hemy Neuman was driven to mental illness?  Hemy Neuman was probably once a very good husband to his wife, Ariela, but when anyone makes the wrong choices in life of sin, it is not surprising what sort of demonic spirits take over the mind of that person.  In this case, Hemy Neuman could have been seriously mentally ill, but he probably was not insane while he was having an affair with this married woman.   There is a demonic seed planted inside of a person…Watch video and read full article, here.
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