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Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin Talks About Johnny Rockets Dispute

A new employee at Johnny Rockets should publicly apologize to Aretha Franklin.  

After Franklin bought her favorite meal, a hamburger and a cherry coke, the employee told her she could not sit and eat her meal.  After Franklin’s nephew…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Celebrity News: Aretha Franklin Honors Her Father, the Rev. C.L. Franklin

The queen of soul, Aretha Franklin admires her father who joined the Freedom Walk, regardless of some pastors not liking it.  

Of course, we know Rev. C. L. Franklin must have been a very strong-willed man, regardless of who were not in favor of his decisions…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Aretha Franklin Says She Did Not Have Gastric Bypass Surgery

We could not imagine what it is like to be the Queen of Soul and recognize many people think they know Aretha Franklin better than she knows herself.   The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin said it is untrue what people are saying about her having gastric bypass surgery, she didn’t have it and we journalists of AT2W believe her.

Aretha Franklin has been in the business for too long to know you have to be real with people in order to remain successful.  So, why would she lie?  It’s such a shame people do not have anything else to do, but to find a reason not to love such a rose like her.  Whether, she lost the weight through surgery or naturally, we still love Aretha!

Aretha Franklin Stuns Grammy Awards 2011 with New Look

Aretha Franklin Stuns Grammy Awards 2011 with New Look

Aretha Franklin did not attend the Grammy Awards Sunday but she surprised everyone with her videotaped appearance from her home after she was honored by many singers including Jennifer Hudson. “I wish that I could have been with you all tonight, but since I couldn’t, next year,” she stated on camera. The 18 time Grammy Award winner stunned everyone with her new look as she has lost a tremendous amount of weight. Everyone has been waiting to see Aretha Franklin since we broke the news further that she had went down to a size 16/18. Well, we were only excited about the Grammy’s this year because we thought she would attend and wanted to see her fabulous transformation. She’s done it and done it big!

Aretha Franklin Loses Weight, Says “I’m A Rockin’ 16 – 18” in Size

Aretha Franklin Loses Weight, Says “I’m A Rockin’ 16 – 18” in Size

NOTE: We believe we are the first to make a news of this subject. We don’t think anyone is talking about it; not even the  news outlet that covered the story interview via phone with Aretha Franklin.

Not only is Aretha Franklin recovering from an undisclosed medical procedure, but she has been winning the battle of her weight. For years, Aretha has battled with her constant weight gain. Many of her fans have been very concerned for her but it seems as though she is making all of the right moves to better health. She stated earlier this month that her health is great due to the medical procedure she had in December that gave us all a scare.

Aretha Franklin Sets The Record: ‘I Never Had Cancer’

Aretha Franklin Sets The Record: ‘I Never Had Cancer’

Aretha Franklin has come forward after all the talk in the media to set the record straight her health.

She spoke with good friend Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood this week and says that the pancreatic cancer rumors were just that: RUMORS. Reports stated that a family member told the press that she had cancer and she denounces it.

Franklin told Robinson that there were wild stories circulating about her at a time when she needed to tend to her health. She has found the time now to want to set things straight.

Aretha Franklin Speaks Out: “The Problem Has Been Resolved”

Aretha Franklin Speaks Out: “The Problem Has Been Resolved”

Aretha Franklin has recently spoke out to JET magazine about her health or should we say: what she refused to speak out about. The Queen of Soul was very adamant about her health and when and if she wants to speak about it.

You see, Aretha Franklin knows how to deal with the media and life. She is always cool, calm, confident and true to herself; she doesn’t let things get her. She’s no baby to the industry.

The Rumors Must Stop- Aretha Franklin is Not Dead

The Rumors Must Stop- Aretha Franklin is Not Dead

Rumors have circulated that soul queen Aretha Franklin has died. All reportable news networks have confirmed that this is not true. Aretha Franklin is not dead!

Ok people. We have lost two legends on Sunday- Teena Marie and Bernie Wilson of Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, etc. But this does not mean that more people must die! We don’t have to start pulling people out the hat just because. All deaths are a sign to look at ourselves and appreciate God for being alive.  Everyone has their time to die, but we have to remember that untimely deaths like Teena Marie is a time to reflect and give thanks.

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin Released From Hospital

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin was discharged from a Detroit hospital this week for the undisclosed illness that is said to be cancer from the reports.

Aretha states:

“I’ve been at home for almost three days now. My family and friends who brought me home are taking great care of me. I also have a private nurse who visits on a daily basis.”

Aretha’s cousin Brenda Corbett told a Detroit newspaper that the singer is “doing better than the doctors expected”  and that “she has a long life ahead of her ” and will return to the stage late spring or early summer next year.

Keith Washington Clears Up Misunderstanding about Aretha’s Privacy

We now have a full statement from R&B singer Keith Washington that we obtained from Newsone.  It gives us his side of the story regarding accusations that he purposely taped a private conversation he had with Aretha Franklin on Nov. 8 in his Kiss 105.9 Detroit radio studio.

The news outlets made quite a stir about it has if he truly betrayed his good friend Aretha Franklin. We reported the facts as we saw it when we reviewed the video tape of the private conversation. We felt he did not mean anything by it because Detroit people are usually very close and tight-knit.

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