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  • AToast2Wealth’s Top Ten Most Read Stories of Year 2010

    AToast2Wealth’s Top Ten Most Read Stories of Year 2010

    We wanted to thank all of our visitors, subscribers, fans and friends for supporting us here at We have been online since Sept. 2009.

    In 2010, we have truly evolved from a small unknown website to a well known and talked about blog that writes about what we feel our audience and readership want to read…THE TRUTH!!

    So, in honor of you all you have faithfully supported us and came by our blog day after day, we want to show you just what type of responses you all have given us.

  • Who Is This Apostle Kenneth, “K.C. Sparks”? (UPDATE)

    Who Is This Apostle Kenneth, “K.C. Sparks”? (UPDATE)

    One of our reporters first came across a popular forum called, and spotted what all of these men and women were saying about the man of God back in 2010.

    Apostle KC Sparks update

    UPDATE on August 30. 2012:

    We have recently been informed by someone claiming to be a representative of Apostle KC Sparks, that he is making anew of himself. The representative, we will call them K.E., stated that he is making an effort to restore and rectify some of his business and/or personal dealings with others. According to K.E., the apostle is restoring some relationships (we are not sure if they are all business or also personal), and wanted to restore his name from what many people have stated here and on the web about him in a negative light.