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Angelica Zambrano Shares Third Testimony about Hell

Saints of God, this is Angelica Zambrano’s third experience. 

If you are serious about God, then you need to pay close attention to this young lady’s testimony about hell.  This is her third time being guided by…Read full article, here.
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The Mega Ministry and Black Church’s Failure To Guide The Youth Into a Lifestyle of Complete Righteousness: Angelica Zambrano’s Testimony

After adhering to the alleged testimonies of Minister Mary K. Baxter, Bishop Earthquake Kelley, the seven Columbian youth and many others whom have been on a tour to hell and heaven with Jesus Christ, we must be sincerely honest, regarding the future of the black church, including other ministries of various other races.   We deeply feel there are many bishops, pastors and evangelists whom have failed God by not guiding the youth into a lifestyle of complete righteousness.   Therefore, it does not surprise us when we hear of recent tragedies within the body of Christ.   We must admit, it has a lot to do with church leaders failing to living righteous life in their own time when they are not in the pulpit preaching God’s Word.   Therefore, children whom have no correction nor direction for holiness being taught in various homes among attendees whom attend various black churches are not going to be spiritually strengthened as our future leaders.  In the past 20 years, many ministers have been so focused on building their multimillion dollar mega ministries and spreading the word to welcome all sorts of people, they seem to have avoided preparing complete holy living among young people.  Therefore, the youth whom attend the average black church does not know how to witness to their peers at schools, at games or at other fun meeting places, if they do not know what to witness about. They need to be taught how to avoid evil, then have a testimony after they become saved through Jesus Christ.  It is very important in this evil era for the youth within the black church and any other ministry learn how to win souls within their age group…Read full article, here.

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