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Video: Angelica, Teenage Girl Sees Michael Jackson and Selina In Eternal Hell On Tour With Jesus Christ

This is a testimony revealed through a teenage girl name Angelica Zambrano.  When we first saw the headlines of this video, we were instantly afraid for Pastors Andre and Sandra Crouch who claimed they led Michael Jackson in prayer just days before he died, because they possibly did not forewarn him to stop singing and dancing for the world. Then, after Michael’s death, it gave us chills to think about how he was so quick to go back rehearsing on stage at the Staples center preparing for another show, after he had supposedly accepted prayer.   Another thing, when Creflo Dollar assumed Michael Jackson could be in heaven caused us to wonder what sort of ministers we have in the pulpits these days, because it was known that Michael Jackson had proceeded to prepare for his tours. 

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