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Video: God Cures Pastor Andrae Crouch 4 Times, But His Twin Sandra Crouch Compromises Being Holy on TBN

Now, we all rejoice when people are delivered and set free and in this specific life of Pastor Andrae Crouch, he testifies on this video of how God healed him four times of cancer, Praise God for his faith. However, there was a twisted philosophy his twin Sandra Crouch stated while being interviewed along with Andrae by Pastor Donnie McClurkin and the twisted philosophy seemed to be sugar-coated to satisfy the other two gospel artists sitting on the same stage with the both of them: Marvin Sapp and Kim Burrell, two other pastors. How can she tell gospel artists not to compromise, but she compromised in order to please those who may not agree with utmost righteousness in the gospel music industry?  The twin of the legendary Andrae Crouch, Sandra Crouch compromised her beliefs to ease tensions while being interviewed by Donnie McClurkin.

Can God Heal Gospel Music Legend Andrae Crouch for Another Time?

Our heart sank when we watched Pastor Andrae Crouch several months after he and his twin Sandra appeared on an TBN interview with Donnie McClurkin. Remember, we did a previous post that informed you how concerned we were when Sandra did not stand up for speaking the truth about gospel music not being holy.   Andrae had nudged for her to speak on the subject when asked by Pastor McClurkin what could be done better in the gospel music industry, possibly because he was not feeling well.   The miracle was when Andrae mentioned how God healed him of cancer, 4 times.   It was amazing to hear such good news.   However, when we saw him on a You Tube video speaking, we were stunned of his ill appearance.   

Drug and Alcohol Usage Damaged Some Gospel Artists’ Focus on God

 Drug and Alcohol Usage Damaged Some Gospel Artists’ Focus on God

Back in the 1970’s Andre Crouch and his Disciples were very popular and Pastor Crouch could pull a crowd all by himself.  This is when fans of gospel music were inspired by the talented voice of gospel music artists and not necessarily infatuated with a secular style.   Then, Pastor Crouch’s twin sister, Sandra Crouch who is the co-pastor of their deceased father’s church, New Christ Memorial Church became very popular back in the 1980’s.  Previously, before her success of winning a Grammy, she sang with her brother’s gospel group.   We are not trying to keep the Crouch’s guilty of their past sins, but the fact remains, you need to know what was the evil root that destroyed the anointing in gospel music and cursed younger generations who are now ruling the industry with the help of Bobby Jones; one who sat at the funeral of the late Rev. James Cleveland as though he had ideas to change the entire industry, which could be seen on You Tube, it was sick.   

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