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Marijuana Cigar Found in Aimee Michael’s Car

New reports state that Aimee Michael had a ‘marijuana cigar’ in the ashtray of the gold BMW she drove the day she caused the fatal Easter crash of 5 people in 2009. Police did a search of Michael’s vehicle and that’s when they found the drug. This evidence was presented to the judge but the judge would not allow it as evidence because it would make the jury prejudicial.

Aimee Michael Taped Confessions of Crash

Below you will see the news reports of the taped interrogation that Aimee Michael had with police regarding the crash that occurred on an Atlanta highway in 2009 on Easter Sunday. The tape shows Michael crying and telling her side of the events that day and what happened days after.

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Aimee Michael- A Reckless Mad Woman [Driving Record Revealed]

News reports have been posted today that Aimee Michael convicted of felony vehicular homicide that caused 5 people to lose their lives due to her alleged reckless driving on Easter Sunday in 2009. Michael, 24, had a history of reckless driving with four speeding citations says ajc news.

Michael was raised in Philadelphia and she attended the University of Pittsburgh. In Philly, she has a record of driving too fast and this was before she moved to Atlanta after graduating with a BA degree in psychology in 2008.

Aimee Michael Crash- Victim’s Grandmother Speaks Out

One of the victim’s family members states ‘Justice has been served’ in the 2009 Easter Sunday crash that killed 5 people. She is the grandmother, Ernestine Norman to victim Kayla Lemons who is one  of the four who died in the her family along with her mother, Delisia Carter, her husband Robert, and their 2-month-old son, Ethan.  Six year old Morgan Johnson died in the crash while her mother survived yet severely injured in a separate car.

Ms. Norman says she is satisfied with the sentencing but wishes Aimee and mother would have received more time.

Aimee Michael and Her Mother Found Guilty of Murder

The update for the Easter car crash trial, which was caused by Aimee Michael and her mother, Sheila Michael is as follows:

Aimee Michael gets 36 years in prison, and the rest of the 50 year sentence on probation and her mother, Sheila Michael gets 8 years for covering up the hit and run, fatal accident.

Aimee Michael killed 5 people in a car crash and could have taken the lives of 4 more, but fortunately one survived while laying her daughter to rest and a mother and her two sons got of their car, safe on Easter 2009.

Easter Crash Trial: Should Aimee Michael Get Life?

Aimee Michael has just been charged for vehicular homicide and her mother could possibly get the same for concealing evidence away from police investigators.  Aimee was 22 years old at the time of the accident.  She was on an errand for her mother buying ice cream for a party on Easter Sunday 2009.  Now, she is 24 years old and her life maybe thrown away behind the walls of prison.  She was on her way to graduate school and plans for a wholesome future.

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