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Black Women In Romantic Relationships With Gay Men Who Have AIDS

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Black Women In Romantic Relationships With Gay Men Who Have AIDS

Originally posted on Oct. 21, 2011


There is no such a thing as black HollywoodWhy should there be no more black Hollywood?  The answer is so simple: Black movie stars and celebrities are no longer proud of their heritage.   We gave our African American journalists department permission to do this article, because it makes sense and people in the movie industry need to just call it Universal Hollywood, if not, nothing at all, just Hollywood.   There all types of celebrities who are making the message very clear, that being black is no longer acceptable, whether if they are changing their facial features or just marrying outside of their race and because the majority have so proudly posed in front of cameras with their white or Asian spouses, there is no such a thing as black Hollywood. Therefore, there should be no more BET (Black Entertainment Television), BET Awards, 100 Black Men of America,, Ebony and Jet magazine, Essence Magazine, National Action Network or any other black affiliation, simply because these famous African Americans have misdirected the black community.

Why Are Other Races Marrying African Americans, The Highest Cases of AIDS?

African Americans dying of AIDSAfrican Americans have been the highest cases of AIDS for several years now and if you have lived 30 years or more, you acknowledge the history of AIDS.  These days, most African Americans have lived hypocritical lives, because they have easily forgotten how much AIDS has attacked the black community and it is very weird how they are easily adapting to bi-racial relationships.   Of course, not all black people have been diagnosed with the AIDS or HIV, the disease that causes AIDS, but there have been thousands of lives gone because of the epidemic.   The question is, why aren’t white people afraid to become sexually involved with African Americans?  A lot of people who are a part of the interracial society do not understand why there are some black people who do not want to share their lives with someone white, Asian or any other race. It is simply because there is deep pain for all of the lives that were lost and are still lost because of AIDS.   To a lot of African Americans who care about the subject of AIDS, it is not normal for any other race to desire a relationship black people, because the race has suffered the most while enduring a high death rate.

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