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Do Most Black Women Who Marry White Men Have The Wrong Concept of Love and Wealth?

 This heated subject is beginning spread across our country, simply because a lot of African American mothers and fathers have not properly trained and prepared their daughters for true love and to independently obtain wealth and even share the wealth with a potential black man.   Our team of journalists sat around the conference table and discussed how in the 21st century Rev. Al Sharpton is yet fighting the many battles of racism for black people, but the same black people who complain about racism are not attracted to each other; furthermore, the mother of civilization, which is often claimed by the Nation of Islam, is getting revenge on black men who flaunt different races of women in their faces by listening to their mothers (fathers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents) to marry white men for money, instead of listening to their inner voice to wait on their God-given man, not necessarily a white (or different race of a man).  The main reason why the majority of black women do not have any strength is because by nature, they have become followers, doing what makes them look good while hurting on the inside.   Interim, they have missed out on what love really means and depend on white (or Latino and Asian) men to give them their wealth.

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