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    There is no such a thing as black HollywoodWhy should there be no more black Hollywood?  The answer is so simple: Black movie stars and celebrities are no longer proud of their heritage.   We gave our African American journalists department permission to do this article, because it makes sense and people in the movie industry need to just call it Universal Hollywood, if not, nothing at all, just Hollywood.   There all types of celebrities who are making the message very clear, that being black is no longer acceptable, whether if they are changing their facial features or just marrying outside of their race and because the majority have so proudly posed in front of cameras with their white or Asian spouses, there is no such a thing as black Hollywood. Therefore, there should be no more BET (Black Entertainment Television), BET Awards, 100 Black Men of America,, Ebony and Jet magazine, Essence Magazine, National Action Network or any other black affiliation, simply because these famous African Americans have misdirected the black community.

  • Why Are Other Races Marrying African Americans, The Highest Cases of AIDS?

    Why Are Other Races Marrying African Americans, The Highest Cases of AIDS?

    African Americans dying of AIDSAfrican Americans have been the highest cases of AIDS for several years now and if you have lived 30 years or more, you acknowledge the history of AIDS.  These days, most African Americans have lived hypocritical lives, because they have easily forgotten how much AIDS has attacked the black community and it is very weird how they are easily adapting to bi-racial relationships.   Of course, not all black people have been diagnosed with the AIDS or HIV, the disease that causes AIDS, but there have been thousands of lives gone because of the epidemic.   The question is, why aren’t white people afraid to become sexually involved with African Americans?  A lot of people who are a part of the interracial society do not understand why there are some black people who do not want to share their lives with someone white, Asian or any other race. It is simply because there is deep pain for all of the lives that were lost and are still lost because of AIDS.   To a lot of African Americans who care about the subject of AIDS, it is not normal for any other race to desire a relationship black people, because the race has suffered the most while enduring a high death rate.

  • Mo’Nique Wins Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars

    Mo’Nique Wins Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars

    Unsurprisingly, talk show host and comedienne, Mo’Nique wins “Best Supporting Actress” for her role as Mary Jones in the critically acclaimed film by Lee Daniels, the movie “Precious”.

    Here’s a video of the her accepting the awards:

  • Black Woman Faces 15 Years In Prison For Cutting Line At Wal-Mart and Heather Ellis is a COGIC Pastor’s Daughter

    Black Woman Faces 15 Years In Prison For Cutting Line At Wal-Mart and Heather Ellis is a COGIC Pastor’s Daughter

    sunny_hostin0009What do you do when you have an African American former federal prosecutor, Sunny Hostin who goes against Heather Ellis, a daughter of a COGIC (Church of God in Christ) pastor who is facing 15 years for false accusations of being belligerent, assaulting police and resisting arrest for stepping out of line at Wal-Mart.  If Heather Ellis was the one who was using profanity and being belligerent while resisting arrest, then here is one question for Sunny Hostin, why did the Klu Klux Klan (a police officer) hand out cards that forewarned them of threats, if they should march with the NAACP.  This former federal prosecutor, Sunny Hostin is a legal analyst for CNN and is also a managing director of business intelligence and investigations at Kroll Inc. and once served as a served as a trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division, so she thinks she is on top of the world and obviously thinks she is exempt racism and it will not haunt ever her.  It is African Americans like Sunny Hostin who are mostly responsible for the randi_kaye0009setbacks of African Americans and white people like Randy Kaye who are God sent when there is actual racial discrimination.  On CNN, it is Randy Kaye of CNN, a white woman who defends Heather Ellis.  You see, as an African American you can not always expect your own race to defend you when you are right, a lot of time it is your very own race who will go against you for recognition from white supremacists like this woman.  Randy Kaye can clearly see that this is a case of racism and this is the very reason why you deal with people who have a good heart, not necessarily based on the color of their skin.  Sunny Hostin rudely opposed Randy Kaye’s point of view on racism and it is so shocking that high ranking black people like Sunny Hostin get a lot of respect from the African American community when she does not mind prosecuting them, even when they are right.  Sunny Hostin is prejudice against herself and expect Heather Ellis to spend 15 years behind bars for something she did not do, regardless of her entire family receiving racial threats from the Klu Klux Klan.  It is might funny even after we have a black President we still have to deal with Uncle Toms like Sunny Hostin.  We should hope President Obama is not like Sunny Hostin, although he is in a high position over this entire country.  Although, President Obama has made it known that is biracial, he receives over 50 racial threats per day and was even haunted at one of his rallies by white supremacists encamping and surrounding where he stood in Phoenix Arizona, a place where a white baptist minister says he prays for God to kill President Barack Obama.  Therefore, blacks like Sunny Hostin do not even recognize the reality of racism in the 21st century.  Furthermore, if there were no good hearted white people like CNN reporter, Randy Kaye, there would be no black people free.  You can watch the video clip here of the debate on CNN.

  • Will and Jada Smith’s Scientology Believes in ‘Galactic Emperor’!

    Will and Jada Smith’s Scientology Believes in ‘Galactic Emperor’!

    So Will and Jada Smith believe in some ‘battlestar galactica’ stuff in their religion? Well, that’s what Martin Bashir of ‘Nightline’ was trying to find out with his interview with Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis this weekend.

    During the interview, Bashir asked spokesman Davis about their beliefs. “Do you believe that the Galactic Emperor called Xenu brought his people to earth 75 million years ago and buried them in volcanoes?” Davis was offended by the question and called it “Martin, I’m not going to discuss the disgusting perversions of Scientology beliefs that can be found out commonly on the Internet and be put in the position of talking about things that … talking about things that are so fundamentally offensive to Scientologists to discuss”.

  • Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Make Open Marriages In Hollywood Popular

    Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Make Open Marriages In Hollywood Popular

    will_and_jada_pinkett_smith9093Although, AIDS and various Sexually Transmitted Diseases are still on the rise, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of the most popular Hollywood married couples that admit to have an open marriage (both in agreement to have sexual relations with other people).  They have been married for about over 10 years, which is more than many celebrities can admit; however, we do not know the damage of their lifestyle in the long run.  Marriage is for 2 people, not for 2 people to make it okay to sleep around with other people and say you have been married to the same person for years.  Their open marriage may seem like it has help them remain married for a number of years, but everything that looks good, does not mean it is good for you.  Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are said to be not only Scientologists, but a part of a society that believe open marriages are alright.  Because of their honest confession, they do not seem to be good mentors for married couples (in the African American community).  People are always complaining and debating about Ellen, Rosie O’Donnell and Elton John’s confession of homosexuality, but no one has really raised a public issue of annoyance regarding the popularity of open marriage in Hollywood.    Originally, Jada has said on several occasions she is okay, if Will admits he wants to have sex with someone else, but said she did not know if Will was okay, if she wanted to do so.  Now, there have been people who have attended discreet parties and have seen the couple getting involved with other people.  This is not only unsafe, but this is unhealthy.

  • The Once Millionaire Drug Dealer, Rayful Edmond III Could Get Another Chance

    The Once Millionaire Drug Dealer, Rayful Edmond III Could Get Another Chance

    rayful_edmond_drug_dealerRayful Edmond III, the former drug dealer is incarcerated for the rest of his life. Illegitimately, Rayful Edmond built a multi-million dollar empire in Washington, D. C.  He started selling drugs at 19 years old and ended up earning over $70 million per month in drug sales and sold between 1,000 and 2,000 kilos in over a week.  He would pay his runners between $1000 and $5,000 per week.  One of his runners, a 17 year old made so much money he had 7 cars and pulled in over $20,000, monthly.  After so long of being a dealer, he got tired and desired to quit and go to college, but the money was an addiction.  He began selling drugs so his mother,  Constance “Bootsie” Perry could retire.   Although, it was said his mother, Constance “Bootsie” Perry, worked for the Department of Health and Human Services and his father, Rayful Edmond, Jr. also worked for the government, it was said they both were the first to teach Rayful Edmond about selling narcotics.  Constance sold  prescribed drugs on the street to big time drug dealers who cut it with heroine, but obviously was not making enough money.   He learned how to sell drugs at about 9 or 10 years old (as the story was told on BET American Gangster).  Rayful Edmond saw his mother financially struggle and desired to become a successful drug dealer to give her all the nice things she could have never afford to buy.  He monopolized his drug trade like Bill Gates of Microsoft.  Rayful Edmond was much respected on the streets from the time he graduated from high school.  Rayful would sometimes receive deliveries of a thousands bricks of cocaine at a time, but annually sold a ton of it.  He sold so much drugs to the people of D. C. decent hardworking people turned into crack attics.  He controlled around 40 percent of the cocaine traffic in D. C.   It was   estimated that his organization grossed more than $30 million in over four years.   It is a possibility, he sold crack to the former mayor of Washington, D. C., Mayor Marion Barry who was busted while smoking crack at a hotel.  Marion repeatedly denied to the press he had ever used drugs.  It has been said he was responsible for about 30 murders, but some people say he did not call the shots.  It was said Rayful Edmond was very disappointed of the murders and even admitted it to the person who was responsible for calling the shots. Rayful Edmond III does have another chance at life.  However, it takes a team of  strong attorneys (a dream team) to fight his case and prove he will not only be protected from enemies, but make a commitment to serve the African American community that still is hooked on crack cocaine.  All the money he made, he could make a commitment to legitimately earn so much money, he could invest in the black youth and teach African American men and women how to make a decent income.   As you know, the (black) attorney, Arthur Reynolds who was going to formally present his case was denied by the judge to do so, because the government  judged him as a co-conspirator and was forced to withdraw from the case .   At that particular time, there were particular people in the justice system who did not want Rayful Edmond to be found not guilty, so they wanted to make sure no one of power, no attorney who had a track record of winning prior cases would represent Rayful Edmond.  However, a team of attorney who are in agreement of Rayful Edmond chance at freedom could join together to represent his case and not only the black people within the area of Washington D. C. would pay attention to Rayful Edmond’s plan to reform the community, but African American all across America.  You may say why give Rayful Edmond another chance to be free?  This article is not so much focused on his freedom, but to get out to free others.  Do you realize the negative impact of Rayful Edmond could turn out to be a positive impact on the entire African American community.  It could very well happen.  Any man or woman who once had power to control a mass of people could do so in a way to make thing better.  Crack cocaine was a symbol to control black people and anyone who had so much control to make a profit off of it could hold national campaigns to turn oppose drug use.  A lot of times, the key is to use those who started an epidemic to end it.  Rayful Edmond has a voice to help end the illegal venture of narcotics.  Rayful Edmond has the voice to end the violence among African Americans.  Rayful Edmonds voice is important to the black community and there is no reason for him to fear anyone while getting prepared to cease those prison walls.  Because Rayful Edmond was such a powerful man who took control of the streets, he has a work to do and that is to show black people there is a better way to live and it is not selling or being hooked on drugs.  Rayful Edmond has a voice that could really stir up the black community for the better.  Because of his optimistic dream of once desiring to be great in his high school days, he can still be great and those who see him will realize it is never too late to change your life.  Someone, so great as Rayful Edmond was born for a purpose and it was not necessarily to be the man he used to be, a powerful drug dealer, but Rayful Edmond was born to show those in the black community who desire to change can do so and miracles do happen. If black ministers really want to help our society and desire to build up the black community, a good idea would be to come together to make sure Rayful Edmond III gets another chance at freedom.  Rayful Edmond could really have a ministry to spread the Word of redemption and his message can reach into the hearts of drug dealers and attics.  Black ministers whoever they maybe have the power along with attorneys to come together and make sure Rayful Edmond leaves the prison system, so he can help form the black community for a positive change.  You see, it cannot be just men like President Barack Obama who can spread the message of change, it has got to be men like Rayful Edmond who have made mistakes and have a testimony for the same sort of people to stop dealing and using drugs.  Often times, in order to help reform a community of people, they need someone who has a testimony in order to adhere their message.  President Barack Obama is a good example as a black man, but not necessarily a black man who has lived a lifestyle of a drug dealer or user.  Rayful Edmond needs to be the president of his own organization to help spread the message of change, because he could have very well changed by now and can tell others about it. Now in the nation’s capitol, Washington D. C., we have a black man who became the President of the United States who resides in the White House, a very positive example for black people to change.  However, President Barack Obama is not a black man who experienced a life as a drug dealer, user or any similar lifestyle.  President Barack Obama legitimately became successful while sharing his journey as the son of a white woman and African father.  President Barack Obama no doubt did struggle to complete his courses at Harvard Law School, but his story will not reach the hardened hearts of African Americans who were not so fortunate to achieve a dream of success.  Unfortunately, there are still thousands of African Americans who are pessimistic, because of their own past experiences of racial discrimination and black genocide.   Therefore, the life of Rayful Edmond has the advantage to be a testimony to many African Americans.  He witnessed the hardships of being raised by 2 black parents who struggled to survive, although they had legitimate jobs.  The life of Rayful Edmond needs to continue out of prison and his message of change will definitely have a positive impact on black America, like never before.  Black people will learn that selling drugs is not the only way to become wealthy and they can choose a legitimate business and make some sort of money, if they will remain focused on their positive vision.