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  • Jewish Rabbi, Shmuley Boteach Reveals Obsessions ‘Michael Jackson Tapes’

    Jewish Rabbi, Shmuley Boteach Reveals Obsessions ‘Michael Jackson Tapes’

    michael_jackson_schmuley-boteachMichael Jackson opened up to Jewish Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, an author ofmichael_jackson_Rabbi_Schmuley_Boteach009 several self-help books.   Boteach taped over 30 hours of the King of Pop’s personal confessions.  The interviews were taped between 2000 and 2001, which revealed Michael Jacksons words of misery.  Boteach sensed Michael felt that the end of his life was coming to an end.    His interviews with Michael Jackson were very personal and he felt Michael’s depression.  He said he decided to reveal Michael Jackson’s confession to the world, because he wanted everyone to get a vivid image of Michael Jackson.  He said Michael Jackson began avoiding him when he began instructing him to stay away from children, except for his own kids and monitoring his awakening hours.   The friendship ended after Michael Jackson was arrested twice.

  • Susan Denise Atkins, Former Follower of Cult Leader Charles Manson Dies at 61

    Susan Denise Atkins, Former Follower of Cult Leader Charles Manson Dies at 61

    susan_denise_atkins_charles_manson_cult_leader131397Former cult follower of Charles Manson, Susan Denise Atkins has died of brain cancer.  She was indicted in 1969 and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole; however, she was just facing the parole board on September 2 and briefly read a Bible verse with the help of her husband who is an attorney, Esq. James Whitehouse, and was turned down as she laid on her gurney, sleeping through most of the session.  She had been diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008, had a leg amputated and was given only a few months to live. Her last words were, ‘My God is an amazing God.’ Her prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi was in agreement for her to be released because she was on her deathbed.  Atkins and her co-defendants were originally sentenced to death but their sentences were reduced to life in prison when capital punishment was briefly outlawed by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1970s.  During the sensational 10-month trial, Atkins, Manson and co-defendants Krenwinkel and Van Houtenmaintained their innocence.   However, after they were convicted, the so-called “Manson girls” described the gruesome detail of several murders.

  • Mackenzie Phillips Wants Attention, Some Believe, Some Not…

    Mackenzie Phillips Wants Attention, Some Believe, Some Not…

    mackenzie_phillips01841Mackenzie Phillips, ex-child of 1970s show, ‘One Day at a Time’is looking for attention and wants money, after revealing discreet affairs with her father.  For many years, the star was always seen in public with her father.  On Oprah, as she read out of her book, she often gave body language similar to when she came out years ago, confessing she was on drugs and told how she talked to herself and responded to her television, then realized she needed help.  She was seen looking around and making body gestures like always as a drug attic.  Her body language was a sign of not only being uncomfortable revealing claims of such relations with her deceased father, but trying to believe herself, say a well known psychologist of Hollywood.  Mackenzie Phillips told TMZ, ‘there’s a time for everything.’ In this country, there are women who still think they have stuck together so much, they must stick up for any otherPeople Mackenzie Phillips woman who claims a disguisting affair or anything similar.  However, there are many who say they will not buy Mackenzie’s book, because this is not the first time she has spoken out, only this time she waited until her Dad was dead to admit any sort of discreet encounters.  Her stepmother says, whether true or not, her claims are very hard on the family.  John Phillips was a former member of the famous 60s rock group, ‘The Mamas and Papas’ and was often seen on television with his daughter, Mackenzie.  He always was seen showing support in the height of her career.

  • The Most Wealthiest Couple in Mega Ministry Gets Targeted for New Book 'Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Their Mistresses'

    The Most Wealthiest Couple in Mega Ministry Gets Targeted for New Book 'Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Their Mistresses'

    fred_betty_priceDr. Frederick K. C. and Betty Price have made millions teaching the gospel of prosperity to their flock for years.  In the earlier years of Inglewood, California times were hard and they started their church in a much smaller location.  They were not always rich, but they kept trusting in God and persevered to teach people in the ghetto how to get set free from poverty.  Over years time, they began to grow their ministry into a worldwide television network.  Dr. Fred Price spoke about in their earlier years, they both worked hard on their jobs while raising their children.  Dr. Frederick Price has now passed down the position as pastor to his son, Fred Price, Jr. as he has been officiated as the Apostle.  A few Sundays ago, Fred Price, Jr. angrily lashed out on someone who had written a comment on Essence blog regarding his mothers book, accusing the couple of obscuring Dr. Fred Price discreet affairs with women.  The woman lied and said she knew of the women Dr. Fred Price was seeing in his private time and Betty is putting up with it.  Later on in the program, Dr. Betty Price added to her son’s wrath and said she wants the person who wrote the comment to bring her the women who is supposed to be in an affair with her husband.  Then, when Dr. Fred Price, Sr. got up and spoke, he made the church audience laugh when he humorously made mockery of the person who wrote the comment.  His humor was hilarious, although he appeared serious.

  • Foot Fault: Serena Williams Conduct Violation Does Not Stop Her Match With Venus

    Foot Fault: Serena Williams Conduct Violation Does Not Stop Her Match With Venus

    serena_williams_conduct_violationSerena Williams was charged with a penalty for shouting at a judge and supposedly calling her out of her name.  Her victory was given to gave Kim Clijsters a 6-4, 7-5 victory in their semifinal match, which had been delayed 32 hours because of rain.  It all started because Serena’s foot was behind the line when serving the tennis ball.  Serena claimed that the judge falsely accused her of cursing and threatening to shove the tennis ball down her throat.    One judge says for what ever reason Serena’s anger should have never got out of hand.  Serena said she never said those threatening words and the judge lied.  Serena said the judgement is unfair.

  • Marcus & Michelle Shrenker, The Millionaire Dream of Cocktail Cove

    Marcus & Michelle Shrenker, The Millionaire Dream of Cocktail Cove

    marcus_shrenker2058cocktail_cove_indianapolisInstantly, the young couple, Marcus and Michelle Shrenker of  the prestigious Perdue University fell in love and often enjoyed long plane rides together.   Soon after graduation, Marcus started his career as an investor advisor.  At first Herald Wealth Management, Icon Group (supposedly located in Chicago, Indianapolis, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Dubai, London) then many other names of his financial empire.  Marcus Shrenker , the President and Financial Advisor of his own company was assisting people who earned millions of dollars and needed someone to manage their investments.   Marcus and Michelle Shrenker resided in a very rich suburban community, Cocktail Cove outside of Indianpolis. They enjoyed their lives as millionaires and among the residents of Cocktail Cove, they were one of the richest couples who enjoyed a lifestyle of luxurious wealth.  Cocktail Cove, a community of homes marcus_shrenker_michelle1321with hot tubs, pools and jacuzzis were the idea of any American’s couple’s dream.  Although the Shrenkers were among wealthy neighbors, they always wondered about their income.  They lived as though they made more money than everyone in their community.  They had several espensive cars, planes, yachts and often dressed in designer clothes.  Often showing off flying his plane over the homes of residents and at air shows, Marcus often attracted attention.  Was it for real or fake? How could a man who seemed so smart and brilliant not only fake his own death, but a lifestyle of riches?

  • Rest In Peace Dominick Dunne: King of Power, Privilege & Justice

    Rest In Peace Dominick Dunne: King of Power, Privilege & Justice

    Dominick Dunne: 1925-2009


    Dominick Dunne left us with memories of his show Power, Privilege and Justice, but Dominick Dunne was also a man who wrote of man best-selling novels and covered the most celebrated trials of over the last 20 years for Vanity Fair, the Menendez Brothers, O.J. Simpson, and most recently, 60s rock ‘n’ roll star, Phil Spector.  He graduated at Williams College in New York City and became the floor manager for many famous theatrical shows.  His good friend was the late famous actor,  Humphrey Bogart. He later became the Vice President for Twentieth Century Fox.  He became friend with a lot more actors and actresses: Natalie Wood, Michael Caine, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Montgomery, Rock Hudson,  Dennis Hopper and Mia Farrow and saw many great people of the old and new Hollywood: Truman Capote there, Jane Fonda, Carey Grant, Joan Crawford, David Niven, Bette Davis.

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