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  • Two Great Online Business Ideas: Become a Competitor of Ezinearticles or Craigslist

    Two Great Online Business Ideas: Become a Competitor of Ezinearticles or Craigslist

    There is one specific reason Ezinearticles and Craigslist dominate and rank very high in the search engines, simply because most people go to for services, instead of becoming their competitor.  Of course, it is a fact that most people have other ways they choose to make money, but for those who always desired to start an article marketing website or classified marketing website, should really think about creating a website that dominates Ezinearticles or Craigslist.  Either one, should not be the 2 highest choices for people to choose for promoting their website and marketing their products, e books or services (like web hosting, web design or any computer tech business).  Although, we have GoArticlescom and who also are very good in promoting articles, Ezinearticles should not be the only article submission service that dominates that market.  Although, say they are the largest article directory on the Internet, it has been said that Ezinearticles is really the one that rank the highest in the search engines.  There ought to be at least 5 or even 10 competitors who have the capability to overpower their search engine rankings.

  • How Black Businesses Can Become Successful During This Recession

    How Black Businesses Can Become Successful During This Recession

    a_toast_2_wealth03It does not matter, if we are in a recession or not, black business owners have always had problems of becoming successful like other races of entrepreneurs.  The difference in learning how to become successful during this recession is any potential successful black person who desire to make a fortune can allow the effects of this recession drive them keep focused on their goal of success; therefore, any other past era when there was no recession may not have driven an them to be all they can be.  So, this is the most powerful thing about facing this recession and for the most part, some good will come out of it.  During this recession, you will learn not to allow this recession or any other personal hardships to get in the way of your success.  If you are black and you have always thought is was difficult to succeed because of your race, then you must wipe that out of your mind, regardless of who reminds you of it, for that has been one of the barriers that has stopped us from obtaining success.  The thought of being black is no different from the thought of being a part of this recession.  Think about it for a moment. There are a lot of people of all races that has allowed the this recession to control their destiny to failure and just because most people have lost their jobs, living out on the streets, losing their homes and valuable possessions, they begin to accept what has happened to other people and this is the very reason why they will not beat this recession.  Do not allow this to be you, whether it is being black or not having enough money during this recession.  Please do not look at your color or your lack of finance, just because other people see that about you.  That is the most powerful key that can reform your life for good.  During this recession, begin to program your mind with dignity and allow faith to control your thoughts.

  • The Rise and Fall of Broadcom’s Co-Founder Henry Nicholas

    The Rise and Fall of Broadcom’s Co-Founder Henry Nicholas


    This is an amazing true story about all-mighty Broadcom and its leader’s tale of option backdating, sex, drugs and lies.

    Broadcom was co founded by Henry Nicholas III, holding a Ph.D  in electrical engineering. He helped develop the technology that allows for high speed internet, Bluetooth, iPhone, Nintendo Wii  and WiFi. Nicholas says “We essentially invented cable modems”, which was originally the efforts  of a system of building microchips for ‘sending data over cable t.v. lines.’ While companies like Motorola and Scientific America took much of the credit for the devices used by millions across the world, one tiny little chip had Broadcom’s name labeled on them.

  • Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Make Open Marriages In Hollywood Popular

    Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Make Open Marriages In Hollywood Popular

    will_and_jada_pinkett_smith9093Although, AIDS and various Sexually Transmitted Diseases are still on the rise, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of the most popular Hollywood married couples that admit to have an open marriage (both in agreement to have sexual relations with other people).  They have been married for about over 10 years, which is more than many celebrities can admit; however, we do not know the damage of their lifestyle in the long run.  Marriage is for 2 people, not for 2 people to make it okay to sleep around with other people and say you have been married to the same person for years.  Their open marriage may seem like it has help them remain married for a number of years, but everything that looks good, does not mean it is good for you.  Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are said to be not only Scientologists, but a part of a society that believe open marriages are alright.  Because of their honest confession, they do not seem to be good mentors for married couples (in the African American community).  People are always complaining and debating about Ellen, Rosie O’Donnell and Elton John’s confession of homosexuality, but no one has really raised a public issue of annoyance regarding the popularity of open marriage in Hollywood.    Originally, Jada has said on several occasions she is okay, if Will admits he wants to have sex with someone else, but said she did not know if Will was okay, if she wanted to do so.  Now, there have been people who have attended discreet parties and have seen the couple getting involved with other people.  This is not only unsafe, but this is unhealthy.

  • If You Eat Right You Can Live Longer

    If You Eat Right You Can Live Longer

    CBR001950People are not fighting incurable diseases, because they are not eating the right foods.  You have to eat right in order to properly function on a day to day basis.  If you are  one of those people who are eating junk and fast food on a daily basis, then no reason you do not feel good.  Your immune system is no doubt weak and you could be at risk for deadly diseases you cannot avoid.  You have to eat right, if you want to live longer.  If you notice, people are dying much earlier than years ago.  People have become accustomed to wasting money on fast food, rather than taking their time to eat a healthy meal.  The reason why people lived much longer, years ago is simply because of diet.  Centuries ago, people ate natural food, this was when processed food pact with salt and sugar was unheard of.  When inventors started making instant foods in their factories, people started trying it and like the taste.  The importance of vegetables was not the culture in the average American family.  If someone saw someone eating a bag of potato chips, instead of eating a piece of fruit or salad, they began to imitate what looked good to them and this has been decades.  Unfortunately, the statistics on diabetes, osteoporosis, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other sorts of illnesses have not been enough to stop people from eating unhealthy food.  Centuries ago, it was natural foods grown out of the ground that kept people healthy and enjoying longer days.  Believe it or not, if you prepare your health food the right way, it will taste good.  A lot of junk food you eat may taste good, but while you are enjoying the taste, you are killing yourself.

  • Why Is The Singer, Usher Being Harrassed By His Ex-Wife, Tameka?

    Why Is The Singer, Usher Being Harrassed By His Ex-Wife, Tameka?

    usher_tameka_divorce090As we realize, the marriage has been over between Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond.  The couple split this last summer when Usher filed for divorce.  She caused enough strife between Usher and his mother, thank God they are close, again.  It seems as though Tameka cannot leave Usher alone.  It seems as though Tameka cannot live her life without Usher.  I suppose while Usher was married to Tameka, he never thought she would harass him by stalking him, day and night.  Tameka has crept onto Usher’s luxurious estate and scratched up one of his cars.  When Usher called the police, Tameka had left the scene.  Then, Usher caught Tameka on his property again and asked her to leave.  Tameka refused to leave, Usher called the police, but they could not find her when they arrived at Usher’s home.   Police said they could not arrest Tameka, because there were no witnesses to support Usher’s claim and could not find enough evidence.

  • Chris Rock $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge

    Chris Rock $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge

    good_hair_chris_rock_lawsuit090We know you have been trying to keep up to date, regarding Chris Rock’s new movie, “Good Hair.”  The claim against Chris Rock brought against him by filmmaker, Regina Kimbell has been dismissed and there will be no new trial.  Regina Kimbell even to block the production of “Good Hair” and was not successful in doing so.  However, Ms. Kimbell was not successful and “Good Hair” is being seen in theaters, all across the country.  Congratulations Chris Rock!

    Read our prior article about Chris Rock here.

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