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Former Mayor Ray Nagin Sentenced to 10 Years, Appeals Sentencing [UPDATE]

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Found Guilty On Corruption Charges


UPDATE on July 18, 2014:

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin filed a formal notice of appeal Tuesday in the corruption case that resulted in a guilty verdict on 20 criminal counts and a prison sentence of 10 years.

The brief notice said the appeal will cover the verdict, the sentence, and an order that Nagin forfeit over $500,000 acquired illegally, as well as court rulings prior to the verdict.

The notice was filed in U.S. District Court, and the appeal will be considered by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s Son Tweets Photo on Father’s Birthday

Tweet from Kwame Kilpatrick's son Jalil Kilpatrick on Twitter

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s Son Tweets Photo on Father’s Birthday

A photo was posted by Kwame Kilpatrick‘s son Jalil Kilpatrick on Twitter. It shows the first public glimpse of the former Detroit mayor since he was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison last October.

In the photo, a slimmer Kwame Kilpatrick wears a prison uniform while smiling in the photo with a graying goatee.

Jalil Kilpatrick posted the photo on June 8 with the caption,

“Happy BDAY DADDY SEE YOU SOON! #freekmk”

MS Pastor Says He Was Unknowingly Part of a Pay-for-Votes scheme for Incumbent Senator Thad Cochran

Pastor Steve Fielder shows text messages allegedly showing agreements to pay voters

Pastor Steve Fielder from Mississippi has accused incumbent senator Thad Cochran of buying black votes to secure his run-off win in an interview published last Monday.

Fielder says Cochran’s staff told him and other campaign workers to bring blacks to the polls and pay each voter $15. The voters were also allegedly told that Cochran’s opponent was racist.

 Attorney and Tea Party member from Mississippi Chris McDaniel beat Cochran in the June 3 primary at a narrow margin, but lost in the June 24 Republican run-off election. Pastor Fielder said that the win was caused by black voters being recruited, and paid, to vote for Cochran.

Hollywood News: Joan Rivers jokes Obama is gay, first lady is transgender

Well, well, well, we shouldn’t be surprised nor should anyone be angry about Joan River joke about the president and first lady. 

Respectfully, how you live is how you come across,…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Christian Therapist Suspended for Praying With Muslim Coworker at UK Govt Healthcare Facility

In our opinion, it seems like Satan plotted to get this Christian therapist in trouble.  

Victoria Wasteney has been suspended for praying with her co-worker who is a Muslim.  Now, this colleague was interested inRead full article, here.


Source:Sanctified Church Revolution


Chinese Pastor in Dispute with Government Over Land to Build Church is Sentenced 12 Years

This pastor, Zhang Shaojie has been sentenced to prison for 12 years for disputing with the government, regarding land to build a church.  

All of you pastors of mega churches could do something and help these ministers inRead full article, here.




Photo: Black Christian News

U.S. Officials Negotiating to Allow Christian Meriam Ibrahim to Leave Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim is a very strong woman of God and it would be very nice if there was a Christian movie made about her life. 

Ibrahim ran to the U. S. Embassy to win her freedom and now U. S. Officials are negotiating for her to…Read full article, here.



Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo: Black Christian News

Christian Mother Meriam Ibrahim Could Face Five More Years in Prison

As the scripture tells us, we will be blessed for enduring persecution for Jesus Christ.

Meriam Ibrahim’s life is going to come out as a testimony.  You see, Satan thinks by all nations watching how the Sudan government is mistreating her, it will…Read full article, here.




Sudan Christian Woman and Husband Arrested at Airport Less Than 24 Hours After Release

We believe it was in the book of Job when God reminded us he allow us to endure trials and we would be delivered a 7th time. 

It seems this is what is going on with Meriam Ibrahim.   God is still King and he has proven it, because every time they release her, Satan has…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Celebrity News: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Says we Need to ‘Vote this Ungodly Lot Out of Washington’

We certainly agree with Phil Robertson and really admire his boldness for Christ. 

Robertson says in his own words, he desires for lost souls to Jesus Christ and we need to vote out the…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution