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10 Steps For African Americans to Dominate Beauty Supply Stores and Become Millionaires

African American owned beauty supply stores

10 Steps For African Americans to Dominate Beauty Supply Stores and Become Millionaires

Originally posted in April 2010:

Celebrity News: Bill Cosby Breaks Silence Explaining How Camille Has Handled Allegations

We believe all of a sudden these women coming out one by one is just a conspiracy, because Bill Cosby is getting older. 

In our opinion, it seems like these victims may allegedly desire him to have a heart attack or something, so they can…Read full article, here.




Effigies of black men and women found hanging on UC Berkeley campus: CA Black Churches May Continue to Cover Up Racism

The latest news in California does not surprise us, because racial tension was building up all along on some college campuses there, before Ferguson.   

Effigies of black men and women have been found hanging on UC Berkeley campuses to send a clear message that racism yet exist.  For many years, many blackRead full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


First AME Church of Los Angeles Joined in “Black Lives Matter”


This past Sunday, First AME of Los Angeles joined in “Black Lives Matter”, along with other churches across America.  You know what’s so sad about this slogan?


 It makes us wonder, why didn’t many blacks realize they were just as special to God as whites or other race…Read full article, here.




Gospel Artist William McDowell Provides Over 67,000 Meals to Needy Families and Children

It’s really the goodness of God whenever a gospel artist gives back to the community. 

Psalmist, William McDowell has provided almost 70,000 meals to needy families and children.  The Bible says blessed are those who care for the poor…Read full article, here.


Source: Repent Gospel Artists

Gospel Artist, Anita Wilson’s Comes Out with A New Single ‘Keep Doing What You’re Doing”

Anita Wilson has just released her new single. 
This song is very touching, because it’s about praising God for everything He has done in our lives.   This inspiring gospel…Read full article, here.

Eric Garner’s Daughter Stages 8 Day Die-In Where Her Father Died [VIDEO]

Eric Garner’s Daughter Continues 8 Day Die-In Where Her Father Died [VIDEO]

Erica Garner held a vigil and “die-in” on Staten Island Thursday and now for 8 days straight in memory of her father, the 43-year-old who died while being taken into NYPD custody earlier this year.

After gathering on Bay Street in St. George for a vigil, protesters marched to the corner of Bay Street and Victory Boulevard in Tompkinsville where Garner died and lay down in the road.

Protesters were also gathering at Union Square Park in Manhattan for a march to Police Plaza.

1975 Cleveland Murder Case Exonerates Another Innocent Black Man

Third Man Exonerated in 1975 Cleveland Killing

1975 Cleveland Murder Case Exonerates Another Innocent Black Man

Having just exonerated Kwame Ajamu, Judge Pamela Barker stepped down from the bench on Tuesday, leaned across the defense table and gave him a hug.

It had taken nearly 40 years, but Ajamu was no longer a convicted murderer.

Moments earlier, Barker had dismissed his charges and county Prosecutor Tim McGinty had conveyed a message through an assistant that Ajamu; his brother, Wiley Bridgeman; and their friend Ricky Jackson “have been the victims of a terrible injustice.”

Identical Twins ‘Nobody is born gay’ billboard Stirs Controversy in Virginia

We cannot understand why some gay people are upset at this billboard. 
They allegedly have billboards all over the nation and nobody says a thing.  Parents of ex-gays has the right to express their opinion…Read full article, here.

Atlanta strip club DJ Awesome hires best friend to murder wife

Now, this story is a rotten shame, this DJ, Andre Pugh in Atlanta staged his wife’s death. 

His best-friend who helped kill her was one of the pallbearers at her funeral.  Pugh must have not even cared about the child, because this kid was crawling on…Read full article, here.


Source: The Hip Hop Examiner


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