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Indianapolis Powerhouse Church Forced to Hold Service Outside After Being Denied Access Inside Shared Building

Powerhouse Church of Indianapolis has been forced to have church outside, because they were not allowed to share a building.   

Pastor Keith McQueen will have to take legal action.  He signed a temporary lease with…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo: BlackChristianNews/Powerhouse Church of Indianapolis

Dr. Jasmin “Jazz” Sculark Officially Installed as the New Pastor of Jericho City of Praise

It maybe very exciting for many who like the preaching of Dr. Jasmin Sculark that she is the new pastor of Jericho City of Praise, but God has the last say.  

It’s not being Pastor Joel Peebles is the son of the late Dr. Betty Peebles, but…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Celebrity News: Smokey Robinson Says ‘God Saved Me from Cocaine’

The legendary music artist, Smokey Robinson testifies how God saved him from cocaine. 

God really has blessed him, he doesn’t even look like he’s 74.  So many celebrities…Read full article, here.



Photo: Dwight McCann/Wikimedia


NewSpring Megachurch Celebrates 2,335 Baptisms During Sunday Services

It’s good to know whenever a megachurch is doing something good. 

In this case, NewSpring Church that has 10 locations in South Carolina has baptized over 2,300 people.   Many other churches today…Read full article, here.

Mars Hill Church closing some locations

Mars Hill Church will close some locations, after several pastors allegedly stepped down. 

This does not surprise us, after all the alleged scandals, involving this ministry.   However, there is a reason why this has happened and…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Philadelphia church’s battle with Pastor Daniel Sutton continues

God never agreed with division within the body of Christ. 
However, there will be issues whenever a pastor does not do right.  In the case of Pastor Daniel Sutton, he may not…Read full article, here.

Christian Businessman, Founder of Chick-fil-A dead at 93

The founder of Chick-fil-A has passed away, but S. Truett Cathy’s legacy lives on. 

He lived a long life, but not only that, he was a righteous God-fearing man.  He did not fear mankind and stood against…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Pastor Shot in Head During Road Rage Incident Says ‘Angels Took the Bullet for Me’

Praise the Lord!  We think it’s a miracle this pastor survived being shot in the head. 

For those of you who don’t believe in God or gave up on God, you must realize He exist and He still works miracles.  You know the biblical scripture…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Celebrity News: GRL Singer Simone Battle’s Death Ruled a Suicide

This young lady’s death is so sad, but the truth is many African Americans in the music and movie industry are very unhappy. 

In our opinion, many black singers that are a token in mostly white groups suppress their feelings.  Now, we don’t know…Read full article, here.


Source: Hip Hop Examiner


TBN Founder’s Familly Still Building Studios with Drug and White Supremacist Money?

TBN Founder Paul Crouch, Earl Paulk and Oral Roberts Linked to Mafia Drugs and White Supremacists

UPDATE on Sept. 8, 2014:

(TBN), the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s most-watched faith channel, will present its new state-of-the-art Chicago studio with an open house from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Central Time) on Thursday, September 11th.

TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch said that with the new 60,000-square-foot studio located in the western suburb of Aurora, Chicago joins Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, Orlando, Florida, and New York City — along with London and Jerusalem — as a major production venue for TBN programming worldwide, including the network’s popular Praise the Lord music and talk show.