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  • White Philidelphia Police Officer Shot Himself and Lied to Investigators

    White Philidelphia Police Officer Shot Himself and Lied to Investigators

    Sergeant Robert Ralston shot himself, then lied to investigators, claiming black men shot him.  Why would something like this occur, after the way many whites and blacks have denied there is a such a thing as racism, for over twenty years, especially since their has been a great deal of diversity.  We Americans thought we overcame such evil, but obviously not there are still white supremacists like Sgt. Robert Ralston who commit crimes to blame African Americans.

    Sgt. Robert Ralston, 46, admitted he lied to investigators and has been fired because of it.   Commissioner Charles Ramsey says he was suspended with the intent of being permanently discharged from his position.

  • Legendary Jazz Singer Lena Horne Dies at 92

    Legendary Jazz Singer Lena Horne Dies at 92

    Lena Horne, 92, died on Sunday at York-Presbyterian Hospital. The cause of her death was not released by Horne’s spokeperson.

    Lena Horne was on the first black performers to sing with a all white band at the Copacabana nightclub. She alslo played in an all-black movie musical ‘Stormy Weather.’ This title song became a major hit and what she was mostly known for. Horne was once said, “I was always battling the system to try to get to be with my people. Finally, I wouldn’t work for places that kept us out … it was a damn fight everywhere I was, every place I worked, in New York, in Hollywood, all over the world,”

  • “Fantasia For Real Show” Gets 2nd Season

    “Fantasia For Real Show” Gets 2nd Season

    Hooray to the most real and raw reality show on We were all pretty upset when it ended but guess WHAT?!!

    Its coming back!! Oh yes!! A real singer and continued success with her beloved reality show- “Fantasia For Real”. states the debut of the show had stellar ratings on Jan . 11th this year and will renew the docu-series with season 2 later this year.

    Most fans of Fantasia and her show are thrilled to see her doing things because we are still waiting for that new highly anticipated 3rd album that should hit the stores this summer. One news source stated that J Records is letting singer Monica get her fame from her new album “Still Standing”.

  • Mr Big AKA Ron Isley Let Out of the Big House

    Mr Big AKA Ron Isley Let Out of the Big House

    The notorious Mr. Big character of legendary lead singer of The Isley Brothers- Ron Isley was released from prison this week. “Mr. Big” spent a full three years in prison for tax evasion.

    Ron Isley, 68, was sentenced to three years in federal prison for tax evasion in the degree of five counts and he also failed to file a tax return in the degree of one count.

    As Isley was release from prison on April 13th, he has hit the interview trail and tells his story about his three year sting in the “big house.” He stated he worked in the prison chapel and did gospel shows and encouraged the longer sentenced inmates to stay strong.

  • Dorothy Height Dies at 98 & The Death of Courage Among Black Women in the 21st Century

    Dorothy Height Dies at 98 & The Death of Courage Among Black Women in the 21st Century

    A great woman has died this morning at 98 years of age at Howard University Hospital. Dorothy Height, the woman who was a civil rights activist fought against the struggle for all races of women, fought against segregation and lynchings, a chair person and president emerita of the National Council of Negro Women and worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, A. Philip Randolph and John Lewis. Dorothy Heights did a lot more in her lifetime.  Yes, it is a celebration, she lived a long fruitful life.  However, have the race of black women who have not learned anything about this precious soul who did her job and did not waste her time causing conflict and pain on others, including disrespecting herself? A lot of African American women do not get it, just because we are free and things seem easier than in the era during the civil rights movement, there is work to do.   These days, you cannot find black women to care about the concerns of social matters that causes pain on humanity.   A black woman may dispute, ‘you can’t find black men to do their part either‘, but you see, my friend, that’s not the attitude to take.  No man can fight the battle alone and neither did Dr. Martin Luther King, he had a strong woman like Dorothy Height, including his wife, Coretta Scott King.