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How The Church Tries to “Spiritualize’ Secular Music [VIDEO]

How The Church Tries to “Spiritualize’ Secular Music [VIDEO]

We did a little research and found this video of how the church takes secular songs and turns them into praise or gospel remixes. SMH. We know this is not anything new but why must the church take from the world when they have plenty of scriptures to take the WORD and use it for God in song?

Let’s explore it a bit and get a good laugh how ridiculous we sound trying to sing secular and turning it into a church song?? Thanks to KevOn Stage for the funny but so truthful video!

Celebrity News: Justin Bieber Talks Jesus and Forgiveness on Christian Rapper’s Video

Praise God, it touches our heart to see this young man talk about Jesus Christ.

Do you know how much negative press, Justin Bieber has gotten, because of his human flaws?  These are the type of people God wants to use of…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo: Black Christian News

Satanic Illuminati Dance Exposed! Such Dancing in the (Black) Church Is a Sin!!

We want to forewarn the (black) church that if the Holy Ghost is not controlling a person to dance, it is a sin.

We just reviewed this video called, ‘Satanic Illuminati Dance Exposed’ and it reveals some shocking footage.  Allegedly, there are demonic spirits…Read full article, here.
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Gospel Artist, James Fortune’s “Live Through It” Tops Gospel Radio Chart at #1

Gospel music artist, James Fortune has hit the #1 chart for gospel radio. 

Many of you have been blessed by his praise and worship songs from the past.  Now, this is his 5th album and his fans are yet enjoying his music as GodRead full article, here.


Source: Repent Gospel Artist


Deitrick Haddon’s Ex-Wife and Gospel Artist, Damita Remarries Reuben Chandler

We are so happy for Deitrick’s Haddon’s ex-wife, Damita especially after he allegedly insinuated he was married to a whore when shown preaching on ‘Preachers in LA.’ 
When a partner decides to leave a good man or woman alone, God always has that special soul…Read full article, here.
Photo: Damita Haddon/Reuben Chandler

Gospel Artist, Pastor Marvin Sapp opens up about Teleka Patrick case

Gospel artist, Pastor Marvin Sapp is talking about his late stalker for the first time after her death. 

On video, he allegedly says he feels bad for Teleka Patrick’s family, but he does not know much about the case. Although, Pastor Marvin Sapp has been cleared of all charges, there was something strange…Read full article, here.

Watch the video below:




Celebrity News: David and Tamela Mann’s Reality Show is Good for Christians to watch

This beautiful couple’s reality show, “Meet The Mann’s” will be on BET. 

We want you to know this will not be just another reality show, simply because David and Tamela are not ashamed of Christ.  They both are devout Christians and…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo: Black Christian News

Family and Friends Celebrate Life of Pastor Marvin Sapp’s Late Stalker, Dr. Teleka Patrick

This is very sad that this young doctor died so soon. 

However, the life of Pastor Marvin Sapp’s late stalker was celebrated by friends and…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Pastor Marvin Sapp Goes on Preaching A Good Sermon after Late Stalker’s Death

We must say we were truly touched after watching Pastor Marvin Sapp preach from the Word of God. 

He taught about having faith and getting rid of doubt.  We really felt he was sincere while telling congregants to learn how trust God. He allegedly mentioned how he…Read full article, here.

Photo: Pastor Marvin Sapp

McDonald’s Choir Showcase to Feature Dorinda Clark-Cole, Le’Andria Johnson, and Others

Dorinda Clark Cole, Le’Andria and others will be featured in 7th Annual McDonald’s Choir Showcase.

That’s not all, there will be other gospel artists in this showcase.  We certainly hope this will not just be for entertainment, just because…Read full article, here.


Source: Repent Gospel Artists

Photo: Black Christian News