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Newspaper Editor Fired for Criticizing Pro-Gay Bible Files Federal Complaint Against Former Employer

We are living an in evil age, beloved brothers and sisters. 

This newspaper editor, Bob Eschliman was fired for stating his opinion about a pro-gay Bible.  You know, this is why are nation is in trouble, too many people are…Read full article, here.


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Preacher’s Memoir Reveals He Was Gay Minister and Then Adult Entertainer

Preacher’s Memoir Reveals He Was Gay Minister and Then Adult Entertainer

We read the interview about a minister, Bobby Blake, who was gay and in a partnership with a man at his church and he ended up in the adult entertainment industry. We can’t really stand behind his story because it seems to us, he is still fascinated with the gay lifestyle and the adult industry. It’s always difficult to take a person seriously when they appear to talk in present tense about what they say they are delivered from. Also the choice of words give it away as well with touch of arrogance and self righteousness. This, we can not stand IF you are saved, sir.

New Mexico Mother Sexually Assaults Daughter for Dressing Like a Boy and Being Gay?

New Mexico Mother Beats and Sexually Assaults Daughter for Being Gay

This is certainly not the way to handle the situation. There is always an issue at home when a child wants to turn to the same sex for attention and affection. The mother should realize this.

Here’s the report below:

Authorities in southern New Mexico have arrested a woman on hate crime charges after she allegedly beat and sexually assaulted her teenage daughter for being gay.

According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, Magdo Haro, 40, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with second-degree criminal sexual penetration and third-degree child abuse in connection to the attack on her 17-year-old daughter

UK Bakery May Be Sued for Refusing to Make ‘Bert and Ernie Gay Wedding Cake’

UK Bakery May Be Sued for Refusing to Make ‘Bert and Ernie Gay Wedding Cake’

This is happening all over the world now. There are gay couples that believe they should be able to go to any bakery and be serviced for a gay wedding cake choice but don’t consider the bakery may have religious convictions about it. We blame the couple. We don’t condone homosexuality but they need to find out who will do such a cake first, before putting both parties through unnecessary grief.  Business owners have the right to refuse customers and its not a civil right or human rights issue. It’s called freedom to choose what they believe in and what they will not. No one should be forced to believe or condone anything if they do not. This madness needs to stop.

Alleged Ex-Homosexual Pastor Youngblood Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Teen

Now, just to look at Pastor Duane Youngblood, it does not look like he has ever been gay or attracted to teen boys. 

However, according to this following report, Pastor Youngblood is allegedly accused of molesting a teenager back in the day who admitted it happened about…Read full article, here.


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Lesbian Bishop Resigns, Starts New Church and Officiates Gay Weddings [UPDATE]

Female Bishop Resigns Because of Same Sex Marriage, Now Starts New Church [UPDATE]


UPDATE on July 9, 2014:

Lawd have mercy!! This woman just won’t stop. Now she’s officiating same sex marriages? God help this generation from their wicked ways!!

Report says:

Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams, who stepped down in October from Zion Progress Baptist Church in Detroit, has become pastor at Empowerment Liberation Cathedral in Silver Spring. The church opened in April and has already drawn almost 100 members, in addition to connecting online with members of the LGBT Christian community across the U.S.

Protestant Church Supports Gay Agenda by Sponsoring the GG9 Gay Games 2014?

Gay Games 9, sponsored by corporations and faith-based groups, will be held in northeast Ohio in August.

Protestant Church Loses Members and Churches but Still Supports Gay Agenda?

A Protestant denomination known as the United Church of Christ, is popular for its longtime support of religious diversity and inclusion and has agreed to become a sponsor of the 2014 edition of the Gay Games, to be held in northeast Ohio from Aug. 9 to 16.

The United Church of Christ, has its headquarters in Cleveland, which, along with Akron, is one of two cities that will play host to the more than 35 sporting and cultural events scheduled to be part of Gay Games 9.

Did Bishop Eddie Long Take This Young Man to A Nail Salon?

We have to agree with out source, this photo taken by a popular celebrity website does not look right. 

Now, is Bishop Long back to his old self, allegedly showering young guys the way he should only be doing with his wife?  Now, we don’t know who this young guy…Read full article, here.



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Hollywood News: Joan Rivers jokes Obama is gay, first lady is transgender

Well, well, well, we shouldn’t be surprised nor should anyone be angry about Joan River joke about the president and first lady. 

Respectfully, how you live is how you come across,…Read full article, here.


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Christian Rapper Brizzle Gets Death Threats Over Lyrics But He’s Protected By the Blood!

Christian Rapper Brizzle Gets Death Threats Over Lyrics But He’s Protected By the Blood!

We don’t like much christian rap for reasons we have explained a million times on this blog but this song really touched us. We didn’t listen to the music but we heard the lyrics. The lyrics were awesome and so true. We were moved and we admire this young Houston rapper for speaking his mind an standing against the death threats. The truth will set you free and free indeed he will be! God bless him!

The report says: