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South Georgia pastor arrested for child molestation

Now, usually we don’t have any bad news to share about the Apostolic church, but obviously, the Devil is busy everywhere.  

Pastor Kevin Harrison of Life, Power and Praise Apostolic Faith Church has been arrested for…Read full article, here.


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AT2W Replay: Catholic Church Exposed Ownership with Erotica Bookseller Weltbild

The Catholic Church Is Exposed for Their Ownership with Erotica Bookseller

AT2W Replay from March 2013:

The Catholic Church has proven to be a scam and a disgrace before God. Not only do they own a block in Italy that houses a popular gay sauna but they also own the erotica bookseller Weltbild, which publish some pretty revealing titles. Back in 2011, we found out that the German bookseller Weltbild was up for sale. The Publisher’s Weekly stated that 18 dioceses of the Catholic church owned the bookseller which is worth $2.3 billion dollars. Once the media started pressing the fact that they published soft porn titles, this is when controversy started as the Catholic church was criticized for their involvement. The Catholic church still owns the publisher.

Police Confirm that Body Found in Lake is Dr. Teleka Patrick, No Foul Play

Now, it seems like the case of the missing doctor, Teleka Patrick is all over. 

We praise God the autopsy found no foul play involved, she just drowned.   Therefore, Pastor Marvin Sapp can go on with his life, but…Read full article, here.


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Megachurch Pastor Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Resigns over Immorality

This beloved pastor, Bob Coy has resigned, because of his previous immorality. 

However, we think his personal life is forgiven by God and should not have been judged by his church.   Pastor Bob Coy allegedly committed adultery…Read full article, here.


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Florida Pastor arrested for molesting three women

It’s so very sad that this man of God has been allegedly accused of molesting three women. 

Three victims complained Pastor Francisco Rios allegedly violated them.   We pray that pastors unite to pray against this demon…Read full article, here.


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Inspiring Story by Author YOLANDA STEPHENS: The Upside of the Down Low

author yolanda king stephen

Inspiring Story by Author YOLANDA STEPHEN: The Upside of the Down Low

We watched the interview that was done with author Yolanda King Stephen who wrote a memoir about finding out about her husband’s other affairs with women and ultimately with a man the family knew long before.

This woman Yolanda King Stephen is very inspiring because she has a great attitude after going through her own experiences with a man on the down low. She tells people to be honest with one another and that men should be honest about what they are dealing with.

Bishop Eddie Long’s Alleged Sex Victim Centino Kemp To Star on Preacher’s Exes Reality Show

centino kemp and preacher's exes, bishop long

Bishop Eddie Long’s Alleged Sex Victim Centino Kemp To Star on Preacher’s Exes Reality Show

First of all, we still have our reservations about Centino Kemp and his story about having sex with Bishop Eddie Long. We, like many others, don’t truly believe his story. Even the other boys who were members of Bishop Long’s church wanted to know ‘where this kid came from’, says one of them (Read more HERE).

We don’t know for sure if his story was true or not even though he received part of the settlement back in 2011 with the other boys but we guess anything is possible.

Ex-ROC Pastor Facing Criminal Sex Charges to Preach Sermon With other Virginia Preachers

Praise God, we assume Dr. Anthony Chandler is obviously showing the love of Jesus Christ, by allowing Pastor Geronomo Aguilar aka Pastor ‘G’ to participate in his conference. 

The accusations against him were allegedly committed before he founded his former church.  This is probably why Pastor Chandler…Read full article, here.


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Pastor Says Devil Made Him Request a Woman For Sex at Motel for $20

Another pastor has been charged with a sex crime.  This time, Pastor Robert Harris says the Devil made him ask a stranger for sex at a Super 8 Motel with her 8 month old child on the bed. 

Saints of God, there are too many…Read full article, here.


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HIV Positive Pastor Craig Lamar Davis’ Victim Ronita McAfee Speaks Out [VIDEO]

HIV Positive Pastor Craig Lamar Davis’ Victim Ronita McAfee Speaks Out [VIDEO]

The woman who had sex with Craig Lamar Davis and was threatened with the HIV virus, gives Rolling Out magazine an interview about her relationship with the HIV positive pastor. She met him on Facebook and talked about their relationship and how after their last sexual encounter, he called her and was crying about possibly giving her HIV.

He admitted he was married but he didn’t wear his wedding ring. Ronita McAfee says his wife called her after learning that she might go public and to press charges against him. It’s very interesting and we can learn something from what she says about HIV.