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AT2W Replay: Twerking in Church? Girls Giving Girls Lap Dancing in the Church [VIDEO]

A video posted on the TonyaTKO Show Facebook fan page shows teenaged girls twerking and giving each other lap dances.

What Is This About Twerking in Church? Girls Dancing Seductively in the Church [VIDEO]

This is a AT2W replay. This kind of stuff is still going on.

We think this is getting out of line now. These girls in the video below are doing some things that are totally ungodly and in total disrespect for God’s house? For years, people have been going down our throats about how we talk about secular dancing and music in the church. Now, look at what’s going on? God help us.

Colorado Pastor Arrested for Molesting Teenage Girl about 50 Times

This Colorado pastor is accused of molesting a teen girl about 50 times since she was just 13 years old. 

Allegedly, Pastor Clark molested the girl on trips, at his house and in his car.  The girl began questioning Pastor Gerald Clark…Read full article, here.


Oakdale youth pastor arrested on federal child porn charges

This is an update, regarding the Oakdale youth pastor, Tyler David Bliss that was charged on federal child porn, now he has been arrested. 

We certainly hope Bliss admits…Read full article, here.


Update: Police Investigating Video of Bishop Bobby Davis Confessing Adultery, then Dropping Dead


Sisters and brothers in Christ, this is an update, regarding the death of the late bishop who collapsed in front of his congregation.  Bishop Bobby Davis confessed his affair, then suffered a heart attack, but police are carefully reviewing what actually happened.   We wonder if he had not confessed, would he still be alive right now?

Some say there were some church members yellingRead full article, here.

Photo: Action News 6

San Bernardino pastor is arrested, accused of molesting two boys

Saints of God, here we go again, another child molester in the pulpit.  We deeply feel if today’s church was more serious about seeking God, then the demons would tremble. However, it seems like in most denominations, Satan is busy and hasn’t stopped yet.  In this case, a United Methodist pastor, Stephen Howard is accused of molesting two boys.

The pastor of the Muscoy United Methodist Church in San Bernardino has been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing two boys, authorities said.Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Perris Pastor Arrested for Rape; Additional Victims Sought

Pastor Jerome Anthony Clay, Sr. is has been arrested on rape charges.   Now, we don’t have much information about this pastor, but we will reveal the link to details about his arrest at the Sheriff’s…


Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Bishop Bobby Davis Confesses Adultery to Congregation, then Drops Dead

The pastor of Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Connecticut dropped dead.  After Bishop Bobby Davis confessed adultery to his congregation, we suppose he experienced a heart attack, we’re not sure.  All we know is this pastor is dead.

Now it seemed like he and his wife, Christine had a wonderful ministry.  Miracle World Outreach Church was a multi-cultural ministry and he and his wife just celebrated their 50th anniversary, according to  Now, we do not know why after being married so long Bishop Davis fell to adultery, but obviously he was very sorry for the sin he committed.

AT2W Flashback: Did Benny Hinn Marry Pastor Paula White Instead?

Did Benny Hinn Marry Pastor Paula White Instead?

This is an AT2W Flashback from March 2013:

We know. You are probably saying “What is AT2W talking about?” Well, we all know that the remarriage was set for March 3rd this past weekend for Pastor Benny Hinn and his wife Suzanne. It did in fact happen but can anyone see what we see? This one photo of their remarriage ceremony taken on this past Sunday. (Photos from Benny Hinn’s Facebook).

S.C. pastor arrested for sex crimes denied bond

Saints of God, it troubles us to see another man of God convicted of child molestation. 

This pastor, Cory Dean Moses is allegedly accused of molesting a girl a few years ago.  We can’t understand how he can start the…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


AT2W Flashback: Did the Catholic Church Indulge in Europe’s Largest Gay Sauna Since They Own Part of The Business Block?

Europa Multiclub and the Catholic church

Did the Catholic Church Indulge in Europe’s Largest Gay Sauna as they Reside on Same Block?


This is an AT2W Flashback from March 2013:

When it comes to the Catholic Church, is anyone really surprised to hear this. We will admit it is pretty bold to own property along with a popular gay hangout and be scandalized with the same acts. We can not believe that all of this has been going on and now is the time that God reveals the hypocrisy. Just like we mentioned years ago when the Juanita Bynum scandal took place: It is now time that God will unravel the ungodly in the church one by one and it will start with Juanita Bynum. Members of AT2W knew this back then before this blog was ever thought of.