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AToast2Wealth.com is always the FIRST to report updated news on Bishop Eddie Long from 2010 and through the sex scandal settlements.

This page is produced for all the latest news we have provided about Bishop Eddie Long and the New Birth sex scandal allegations and any other posts that are related to the subject.

By popular demand, we have provided a page that would direct you to all of the updated news and opinions we’ve posted about him. This page will be updated as often as the news is presented to us so we may keep you well  informed. It is updated from top to bottom with the latest post always on the top of the list below.

UPDATE- Bishop Long and his four accusers Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Spencer LeGrande have reached a settlement in the privacy of quiet mediation talks in May 2011.

We will be updating you on any news that comes available about his New Birth Church, affiliates of Bishop Long, members that speak out and more. Please check below for the latest news.

Creflo Dollar Tells Ex-NB Members: “Don’t Join Here” Go Back to Bishop Long

PimpPreacher.com Proves AT2W’s Point- New Birth Church is a Desert [VIDEO]

AT2W Visits Bishop Long’s Church and Membership Has Largely Dwindled

Cartoonist’s View of Bernice King’s Farewell from Bishop Long’s Church

Bishop Eddie Long Responds to Elder Bernice King’s Leaving New Birth

Bernice King Says ‘New Birth Was For a Season’, Will Start New Ministry

Bernice King Resigns As Elder From Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Church

Since Bishop Eddie Long Has Reached Settlement, Will He Continue To Preach Against Homosexuality?

Bishop Long and Accusers’ Attorneys Make Statements about Settlement

Bishop Eddie Long Reaches Settlement For Four Young Men

Bishop Long’s Installation Ceremony for Elder Darius Wise of New Birth Denver Church

Bishop Eddie Long To Face The Court- Judge To Set Trial for Summer

Bishop Long To Start New Church in Denver Near Accuser Jamal Parris

Bishop Long Allegedly ‘Threw Out’ on His Accusers in Easter Sunday Sermon

Bishop Long and Accusers Back in Mediation and Settlements Underway

Bishop Long and Wife Says They Took a 40 Percent Pay Cut

Open Letter From Bishop Long’s Explanation To Members

Bishop Long Mediation Has Ended, For Now Says His Lawyer

Breaking News! Bishop Long’s Accusers “Cursed Him” in Mediation Talks

Bishop Eddie Long’s Empire Crumbling with Layoffs and Staff Pay Cuts

‘Calling All Men’- Bishop Long’s Men’s Only Late Night Prayer

The Curse of a Narcissistic Spirit: Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Church

Man in Critical Condition was Shot at Bishop Long’s New Birth Church

New Birth Members Involved in Illegal Gambling with Ephren Taylor

Breaking News Ephren Taylor Allegedly Involved in Illegal Gambling with Bishop Long

V-103′s Frank and Wanda Speak on Bishop Long’s Latest Scandal

‘Man Up’ Bishop Long: Give Back $1 Million Dollar Investment to New Birth

Bishop Longs Interviews at Trumpet Awards in Atlanta

Bishop Long Depositions on the Quiet Front, Mediation in February

Satanic Illuminati Proof: Lady Reveals Eddie Long’s Church Emblem as the Face of Satan

Who’s Who To Take Stand in Bishop Long Misconduct Depositions

Judge Sets Bishop Long Depositions Starting Jan. 10

Driver Slams Car Into Bishop Long’s New Birth Church

Bishop Eddie Long and Gary Hawkins Linked to a Mortgage Scam

New Birth Church Burglars Found Evidence to Use Against Bishop Long

AToast2Wealth’s Inside Story of Bishop Long’s Late Brother’s Death

Satanic Preacher of the Illuminati, Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth M. B. C.

Attention Eddie Long Lovers: Wake up! He Seeks to Settle With YOUR MONEY!!

Why Did Bishop Long’s Associates Threaten Prophet Walker and Reuben Armstrong

Bishop Long’s Accuser Flagg Thanks Press for Getting The Story Out

Bishop Eddie Long’s Older Brother Dies From Cancer

*Breaking News- Gay Man All Hugged Up on Bishop Long [Video Proof]

*Breaking News* Bishop Long and Accusers Want to Avoid a Trial

Bishop Eddie Long is Too Embarassed to Attend The Stand Campaign

Bishop Long’s Church Can Not Deny or Admit to Sex with Young Men

New Birth Church Says ‘Bishop Shared Hotel Rooms with Members’

*Breaking News*- Bishop Long Wants Lawsuits Dismissed

GA State Capital Rally Against Bishop Long Takes Place Oct.31

Bishop Long Exposed in 2006 Book “Snakes in the Pulpit”

Author Wants a Court Mandated AIDS Test Taken by Bishop Long

Bishop Long’s New Birth Club Had 8 a.m. Hip Hop Concert Sunday

New Birth Disgraced- Ex-Employee Sues for Harassment and Discrimination

New Photo of Anthony Flagg Posing Like Bishop Long

Bishop Long Defaulted on a $1.9 million Debt for a Gym- UPDATE!

New Birth Church Members: Is Satan Using The Four Victims of Bishop Eddie Long?

Hundreds Gathered to Receive Hugs from Bishop Long

‘Larger Than Life’ Bishop Long Should Step Down But Unlikely

More Victims of Bishop Eddie Long, Please Contact BJ Bernstein

The Warning Signs Were There With Bishop Eddie Long at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Bishop Long Eludes Press in His Range Rover

New Birth Members: GET OUT NOW While You Can!

Frequent Visits From Accused Bishop Long To See Anthony Flagg

Father of Accuser LeGrande Says ‘I’m Very Upset’ with Bishop Long

Ex-Wife of Bishop Long says He was ‘Vicious and Violent’

Why Do Gay Black Men Protect Bishop Eddie Long?

Kevin Bond and New Birth Members Discuss Bishop Long Scandal

Neighbor of Bishop Long’s Accuser Believes Anthony Flagg and Others

Spencer LeGrande- Another Bishop Long Accuser Speaks Out

Bishop Carlton Pearson Speaks Out On The Bev Smith Show

Former Spiritual Son Defends Bishop Eddie Long

V-103′s Frank and Wanda Show Discusses Bishop Long Accuser’s Interview

Julian Bond Says Bishop Eddie Long is a Raving Homo Phob

New Photos of Bishop Long and Longfellow Members Surfaced

Bishop Long a No Show to Gospel Choice Awards

Bishop Long Hires Famous Private I to Discredit Accusers

Jamal Parris- Bishop Long’s Accuser Speaks Out TODAY!!

Bishop T.D. Jakes Responds to Bishop Long’s Allegations: VIDEO

Is Bishop Eddie Long the Modern Day Rev. Jim Jones and David Koresh?

Media Statement from Bishop Long This Morning: VIDEO

Atlanta’s Bishop Long Addresses ‘I’m Not a Perfect Person’-Video HERE

*Breaking News* Bishop Long to Step Down Sunday-NOT! *UPDATE*

Rev Al Sharpton Calls Bishop Long ‘Out’ on Facebook

Can We Compare Bishop Eddie Long to This COGIC Minister Who Molested Young Boys?

Jamal Parris’ Best Friend Believes Bishop Long’s Allegations

One, Two, Three and…FOUR Lawsuits Against Bishop Long

Pastors Come Together to Pray for Bishop Long

Is Elder and First Lady Vanessa Long Just As Responsible For Bishop Eddie Long’s Sexual Sins?

Bishop Eddie Long Will Discuss Sexual Allegations At New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Bishop Eddie Long Cancels All Radio Shows- Listen to His Attorney Speak

Bishop Long Cell Phone Pics Released by Plantiffs’ Attorney

Bishop Eddie Long’s Sexual Allegations- Read All FOUR Court Papers HERE

Celebrity Preacher, Bishop Eddie Long Is Hit With A Lawsuit for Sexual Rendezvous with Teenage Boys

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