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Are you in search of getting exposure as a journalist, writer, blogger or commentator? Do you have a passion for exposing the real issues that plague our churches and pulpits today? Do you want to get the truth out about how some celebrities rack in millions while using mind control to do so? Then we have a spot here for you at AT2W! is a blog with writers who don’t mind expressing the truth and doing so without apologies. We do so by basing what we write about from a biblical standpoint without wavering.

If you feel you fit our style and standards, send us your submission and a biography today. assumes content published upon receipt of emailed submissions, but we only publish articles at the discretion of the AT2W editor.

All articles submitted must be proof-read and error free, original, factual and thought-provoking and engaging. If there is any content that is not original, it must be attributed to the original party.

What we are looking for:

  • Content relevant to African Americans
  • Content revealing truth or exposure to church issues, false prophets,  gospel music artists, etc.
  • Content revealing truth or exposure to celebrity life,
  • Content relevant to topics going against Jesus Christ and Christianity
  • Content relevant to topics standing for the principles in the holy bible
  • Content relevant to topics on Homosexuality with a biblical standpoint against it
  • Breaking news and latest news involving any race of people but mainly about African Americans


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