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Why call it A Toast 2 Wealth?

We actually have evolved from where we started and God led us in a direction that would fully please Him. We named our blog “AToast2Wealth.com” for a few reasons. We wanted to show the success that many have achieved through wealth like celebrities, church clergy and others. But there’s one twist to this. We aren’t celebrating success through wealth like many other websites do.

This blog is written by a group of  professional Christian writers and journalists to give you the latest news on the wealthy celebrity lifestyles of rich and famous and church clergy and how it blesses and curses those who are rich.  We “unveil the truth” behind how some, not all, celebrities and church clergy obtain wealth at almost any cost. We reveal some of the downfalls that wealth and money can bring to those who mishandle it. Through our discussions, we give the reader an opportunity to see the truth and how God works in all situations. We reveal the truth in what we write and though sometimes very straightforward, there is love being displayed.

BEWARE: We report latest news and current affairs but our views expressed are real and transparent. Some of the views of our journalists will strike a nerve but liberate those who choose to reach deeper for understanding.

We are experts in reporting news you may not read elsewhere.  If you are looking to learn about the secret lifestyles of people, then this blog is for you. Our stories are fact and not fiction and are of top quality.

We will regularly keep posting updates on this blog, so please keep coming back for more, you will not be disappointed every time you visit.  This blog is to keep you well informed on various news updates.


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As our readers, you know our style. You know we deal with straight talk and with heavy opinions on many subjects.

Even though we cover mainstream news about celebrities, we write heavily on church issues we feel that our readers want to know about. We are Christians and we do have opinions about religion and subjects similar. Why do we cover mainstream along with church issues? This is very simple. We know that the church and the rest of the world at times inter-mingle. Its evident that church people along with the younger generation need to know the truth behind many issues in the world that are many times overlooked on purpose. Frankly speaking, many people just find it difficult to deal with the truth. So, here at AToast2Wealth.com, we invite not only the church but everyone to read on the how we ‘unveil the truth behind celebrity lifestyles, church clergy and latest news’. We have been complimented on how we do not cover up and we strongly believe ‘the truth shall set you free.’   We aren’t perfect but we want to ultimately follow what God has for us to do.

We want to  welcome all our new visitors and thank you and to all of our regular visitors: Thank you for your continued support.

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