AT2W’s Thoughts: What Really Pushed Bernice King out of New Birth?

AT2W’s Thoughts: What Really Pushed Bernice King out of New Birth?

We were just thinking about how Bishop Long’s church membership has went down but furthermore how staff have left the church namely Elder Bernice King. Some revelations came to us about what may have really went on and why Bernice King left at that particular time.

Now, if we go back, we can come up with a list that will show the accounts that transpired:

  • The public date of the settlement resolution announcement:  May 25th
  • The private date of the actual settlement resolution: after Easter week around April 30th
  • Bernice King claims she told Long she was leaving: around May 10th
  • Bernice King Announced she left New Birth: May 31st

We stated this to try and come to a reason why Bernice King would leave her beloved bishop. We know she stated she has answered her calling to ministry, but let’s take a look at some other things. If you remember, Bernice King came to New Birth in the early 2000’s. She marched along with Bishop Long in 2004 in his infamous rally against same-sex marriage, which strongly contrasted with her former beliefs of supporting gay rights with her sister Yolanda and mother Coretta Scott King. Bishop Long took full advantage of her presence in his church as an activist and daughter of the late Dr. King, Jr.

According to former members of New Birth, he would stand Bernice up in front of the congregation and boast and brag about giving the ‘King’ her props- just because. She was almost made as a ‘poster child’, if we may, for Long as he moved forward in building a bigger and stronger ministry.  Moreover, Bishop Long was known all over the world after the funeral of Coretta Scott King at his church as many U.S. presidents attended. He even told the congregation once that he promised her mother Coretta Scott King that he’d find a husband for Bernice in five years. (Not sure what’s to become of that promise now).

If any of you have seen any of the services on tape or attended church there when Bernice King was present, Bishop Long and Bernice were very close and everyone could see it. We do believe they took full advantage of each others’ popularity and presence which they were comfortable with.

Unfortunately, we are not sure we believe Bernice King was not paid to be an elder or minister of the church as she stated in her exit interview. We aren’t talking about a store front church here. Bishop Long’s New Birth ministry is worth millions and a ‘corporate church’ as they call themselves, are run as big business. Everyone except choir members and ushers were probably paid well to be there every week. Plus, this is the daughter of a renowned civil rights leader. She wouldn’t be there for free, would she?

So, we want to come to a conclusion that something came between this close relationship with Bernice King and Bishop Long. Was it money? Did she expect to receive a New Birth church like many others have moved on to expand the “New Birth’ brand? Or was it because the settlements made for a bad recipe of her image now?

Why are we reading into this? Well, people try and tell us what they want us to believe, but in reality if we pay attention, we can truly see what’s being said. According to what we listed above and the dates of the occurrences, Bernice King claims she spoke with Bishop Long about leaving nearly two weeks after the settlements were made privately. Maybe Bernice knew at the end of the settlements, Bishop Long would not be able to ‘support’ her or many other elders as usual. Also, as an attorney herself, she knows what ‘settlements’ mean. We regular folk know a little something too about courts and settlements. This ‘resolution’ may have brought a bad name on her if she were to stay. But how does it look now? She was a big supporter of Bishop Long but we think their time together as friends in the ministry has run out.

Again, these are our thoughts. We are not stating Bernice King didn’t have a calling to go into ministry as she stated. We are not stating she didn’t have some plan to do so in the future. We just believe, in our opinion, the well has run dry at New Birth for her for certain reasons. We can’t help but think maybe she walked out on her good friend just as the church membership was beginning to really dwindle.

Who knows? These are only our thoughts to ponder on.