Satanic Illuminati: COGIC Evangelist Kim Burrell Living the New Life

Satanic Illuminati: COGIC Evangelist Kim Burrell Living the New Life

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Kim Burrell calls herself an evangelist, singing she is ‘living the new life’ on her website, here.   However, what we know about the business she so eagerly wanted to become a part of is owned by the Satanic Illuminati.  In a prior article, we revealed our opinion, regarding Judith Christie McAllister’s official letter to Bishop Charles Blake, in response to Kim Burrell doing her secular album while in position as Vice President of COGIC Music Department.  We are so very pleased to see members of the Church of God in Christ opposed to Kim Burrell’s career, even if first lady of praise and worship and President of COGIC music department, Judith McAllister approves of it, see comments here.  Unfortunately, like a lot of music artists, Judith McAllister and Kim Burrell are not educated enough to realize that most secular artists have become involved in the secret society of the Satanic Illuminati, Freemasons.   This is the danger of wanting fame and fortune and not being grateful for the recognition within the body of Christ one has already been blessed to achieve.  We see the head of COGIC music department must have removed the letter in response to Kim Burrell’s career in the secular music industry, but someone else had it, here.

The truth is, ladies and gentlemen, once you sign a contract with mainstream music producers, it is a great possibility, you will have to sell your soul to the Devil and make a blood sacrifice when doing so.  As Jazmine Sullivan said, you are no longer your own person as mentioned in our prior article.  We assume Ms. Sullivan has seen the other side of the real world of Satanism and decided to save her own soul.  She had sense enough to make a wise decision and back out of the secular music industry, but we have gospel artists and even a woman of God’s Word, Kim Burrell who sings about living a new life as a secular music artist.  God is not pleased as His Word says, “Love not the world neither the things in the world he that loveth the world, he that loveth the world of the Father is not in him (1 John 2:15).” Then the God’s Word also lets us know, “Be ye Holy for I am Holy (1Peter 1:16)”. Now, we admit there is no difference between Kim Burrell and Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Karen Clark Sheard (COGIC first lady) and even her daughter KiKi Sheard, because even if you claim to be singing gospel and not showing a difference than the world, you still are in conflict with God’s Word.  Furthermore, in our prior article regarding Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary’s possible involvement with the Illuminati, we revealed to you the hypocrisy of these gospel artists.  There is no way around it folks, once you start making good money and willingly collaborate with secular artists or even become one, you will become involved with the Satanic Illuminati of Freemasons.   This is why we have revealed to you a video we discovered on You Tube showing Kirk Franklin among other celebrities doing the Satanic Corna hand symbol.  We will not be surprised, if we see Kim Burrell eventually doing the same thing.

COGIC is about to have their 103rd year convocation, this year of 2011.   The denomination was founded by Bishop Charles Mason, a holy man who taught nothing but pure holiness.  He taught his COGIC followers to live a holy lifestyle and have no involvement with worldly affiliations.   Now, what would he say about this issue? We know he would not be pleased of how the Church of God and Christ has wavered in their teaching of living an utmost holy life.

Kim Burrell is confused like her cousin Hammer, it seems like they both are tracking some sort of family curse, because they claim to know God, but neither of them are showing any sign of holiness. Hammer had the audacity to attack Jay-z, but he is no different than him and neither is his cousin Kim Burrell.  You must show a difference from the world, in order to reveal the light of Jesus Christ.  On the above photo, Kim Burrell is wearing fish net stockings.  In our traditional society, a woman who wears fish net stockings is a worldly woman and you can fill the blanks.  On the photo, the garter is shown and that is a seducing spirit, unholy.  You get the idea.

Kim Burrell calls herself an ordained evangelist of the Church of God in Christ, a Vice President to Judith Christie McAllister who is president of COGIC Music Department and has been known as a gospel artist.   It does not matter what status or prestigious position a person may hold, if God does approve of our involvement with the world, it is His final say, not ours. Burrell and her superior Judy McAllister must realize the Satanic Illuminati is for real and once a person is under their control there is no turning back, because you become their slave for Satan and once he has your soul, it is everlasting too late.

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