Proof of Carnality: Pastor Kim Burrell Plays Both Sides with New ‘Love’ Songs Album


Pastor Kim Burrell Plays Both Sides with New ‘Love’ Songs Album

Posted: April 9, 2011

We just received word that Kim Burrell has  a new album coming out next month called, “The Love Album”. On her website, it states:

“The Love Album” will feature Burrell at her best with a body work that celebrates God’s love to us and and His love we share to one another….with such highly diverse and creative tracks, The Love Album is bound to attract a new following…Kim covers Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Love’s Holiday”, and El DeBarge’s “Love Me in a Special Way.”

Wow! We really were not shocked to hear this because she came from secular music. Her cousin Stanley Burrell aka MC Hammer has followed down the same road. He’s went from rapper to gangsta rapper to pastor and back to rapper/pastor all over again. So it almost seems like this kind of thing runs in the family.  She is the Vice President of COGIC’s International Music Department, a gospel singer and now a pastor of a church in Houston, Texas. She even received the blessing of COGIC’s President of the Department and gospel singer, Dr. Judith Christie McAllister to move forward in her endeavors in response letter to Burrell’s ‘coming out’ last year. (That tells you a little bit about the minds of the church, doesn’t it?).

But what is so brazen about Kim Burrell is: she has started a new church and will still carry on the hypocrisy of straddling the fence between gospel and secular music. Really, now. How could her church members keep their minds on God, when they know she’s selling her “Love Album” in the vestibule after church services? Is it intended for the lovers to take it home and… (whatever)? Where’s God in this?

In our article,  Secular Gospel Artist Kim Burrell To Pastor Houston Church, we tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. We thought maybe she’d lay down her ‘worldly’ ways of mixing genres in order to give her ministry a fresh and holy perspective of the word of God. It appears that she is determined to join the other side of the church along with keeping her feet planted as a woman of God. Its very confusing and this is why so many people do not see a difference in secular mixed in with gospel because this is what is presented to them. You wonder why some people can not take the church and God for that matter, seriously when there are no clear boundaries of whom we should serve.

Sorry, but this is all wrong and if artists like Kim Burrell want to sing R&B, then, by all means, please do. Go ahead and get with Hollywood if you want. Why include it the church and gospel music? It surely does not edify the body of Christ in the way God intended. It only shows the greed and dysfunction of the intent to play both sides and we all know we can not serve to masters. There’s only one choice to make. Which one will they choose?