Gospel Singer Kim Burrell’s Reality Show Produced by Openly Gay Man in 2012

Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Has New Reality Show: ‘Whatever It Takes’

Posted: August 3, 2012:

Kim Burrell says:

“I’ll do whatever it takes to sustain the momentum of my success as long as I have my dream team.”

Kim’s team consists of flamboyant brand manager, Krishnar Lewis, Karen Smith, Kenneth Jackson & the team members of the Manhattan-based PR & Management firm, Lewis Agency, report says.

The show will feature how Kim Burrell keeps her public appearance alive and fresh but it will also feature heavily on the secret illness of her brand manager, Krishnar who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The article states it is colon cancer but the doctor on the video preview below states he has cancer of the rectum and it has spread to his colon.

Watch the preview video below and see whether watching this reality will be uplifting and spirit filled or just another pile of mess on cable television!

Look what The Dumanis Word says from 2013 on their blog:

Evil Communication Corrupts Good Manners (1 Cor. 15:33)
I mean look at it…we have gospel artists and even leaders and administrators of organizational music departments such as pastor Kim Burrell, Assistant International Music Director in the Church Of God In Christ, who has not only said that she wants to “sing with Prince”, because she feels that he is “anointed”(what a JOKE!) but has also made career decisions and moves in union with homosexuals such as Krishnar Lewis (Lewis Agency) to not only produce music, and videos, but also the show “Whatever It Takes” The title is all in it as Kim says:
“I’ll do ‘whatever it takes’ to sustain the momentum of my success, as long as I have my dream team” ~ video promo
Unfortunately, Kirshnar now has stage 4 rectal cancer that has metastasized from what has been said in the video, so it is a wonder how long this relationship will continue or go on. We do pray from Krishnar’s salvation. In short there will be at least 2 persons whom pastor Burrell will have been around that is in serious need of a move of God, but yet she seems focused on the “momentum” of her “success” as she does not apparently want that hindered in any way and will do anything to keep it going. 

Frankly, we won’t be watching. We just aren’t into watching a modern day gospel singer with all the worldly favors you can imagine, displaying her life and day to day career. It’s just not very spiritual yet it fits well for Hollywood though!