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Shattered Image of Gospel’s Kim Burrell who Glorifies Self More than God in Video “Sweeter”


So, most of you have probably heard Kim Burrell has disturbed the gospel, church and secular world with her “perverted gays and lesbian sermon”. Well, let;s just say that her sermon was totally correct and we are not refuting that. What we are refuting is that she can do all the worldly things she wants to do, and preach what she knows and not be judged by that. Serving two masters is not the way, Kim and we are going to expose some of those things from the past you have failed to realize were wrong as a woman of God!

Check out this article from May 25, 2011.

Bubblegum Gospel’s Kim Burrell Glorifies Self More than God in New Video

We found this new video of  ‘bubblegum gospel’ singer and pastor Kim Burrell and we just want to prove once again today’s gospel music is self-fulfilling and puts the word of God on the shelf or twists it up into something totally unapproriate. And this is just what Kim Burrell is doing in her video, “Sweeter” from her new album the “Love Album”.

In the video below, the song sounds like a love ballad. (Not much different than her original style anyway). While the song starts, the scene is featured on a private island in Manzanillo, Mexico overlooking the ocean. It’s stated from the video that this island is “one of the most gorgeous and exotic locations is South America.” Then Kim Burrell is seen lying in the bed wearing a see-through white lace gown with candles burning on the nightstand. (Not very God like but sexual). Really, is she awaking to the ‘morning after’ or what is really going on?

As the video “Sweeter” rolls on, flashes of her wearing different gowns and outfits display that she’s glorifying herself. She’s seen dancing and prancing around in the video with seductive expressions and more importantly, no glorifying of our Lord anywhere in sight.

Now, some may say: “She mentions God in the song?”  Well, you would be right but using God’s name while seducing the camera does not constitute glorifying God. Its no more than self-glorification at its finest.

If you are not convinced of what Kim Burrell is NOT doing in the vid, why don’t you check out a few comments from Youtube below in response to Kim Burrell’s video “Sweeter“:

“All we were missing was a sexy shower scene! i cant remember if the word Jesus was even mentioned in this song. It seemed like she was singing to that guy the whole time. Im glad she wasn’t walking in the streets like most Christian music videos but this was to much!! There isn’t a fine line between world and word.”

“This video is just inappropriate and incredibly amateur! I’m actually offended! lol … I felt like the gospel world and it’s music was just mocked! … She was just acting way too sexy for a gospel video… What was she doing?… Ridiculous!”

“I dont know if i should laugh or Cry!! When did that pastor say the rapture was coming….lol..i cant take much more!! LOL”

“…this doesn’t belong in the ‘GOSPEL” music industry, the world is already doing this crap and we don’t need people that say they are living for God to do contrary and taint, poison, or stain the name of God..”


When we get the lyrics to her song “Sweeter: we will follow up with part 2 and analyze the lyrics along with the video.