Georgia Parents to Son who Tried Killing them, Get 20 Years in Prison [UPDATE]

parents beaten by sons

Georgia Parents to Son who Tried Killing, Get 20 Years in Prison [UPDATE]

UPDATE: On Nov. 10, 2016,

According to the AJC, the brothers plead guilty to all 13 charges against them and were sentenced to 20 years in prison with 30 years of probation upon release.

Both Christopher and Cameron Ervin told the judge that drug and alcohol addiction was partly to blame from and also confessed that the time they’ve spent in prison has changed them.

Said Cameron:

“During my time that I have spent in the Gwinnett County Detention Center fighting this case, I’ve spent two birthdays in here,” he said. “I’ve had at least one visit a week, which is at least 60 visits, with my parents, one on one. Thirty minutes a visit. That’s over just a day, two days spent talking to one another. And I realize how much I love them. And I realize how much they love me.”

The most interesting part of this case is that the boys’ parents have been fighting for leniency for their sons only a few short weeks after the brutal attacks.

Parents to Son who Tried Killing them are Forgiven

When Satan has a hold on your children you can’t no longer do anything yourself, but give it to God! For example: read below on how God’s Light is shining through this couple!

A Snellville, Georgia couple, who was beaten by their sons in an attempt to kill them, told reporters on Friday they forgive their sons. Yvonne and Zachary Ervin left the jail where their sons, 22-year-old Christopher and 17-year-old Cameron Ervin, are being held. When they walked out, they briefly spoke with reporters. “We have unconditional love and forgiveness for our sons and we just want the world to understand that,” said Yvonne Ervin. “The believers will understand that.”

Yvonne Ervin, called 911 and said her sons were trying to kill both her and her husband.
In the 911 call, Ervin said her sons drugged them with Xanax, choked and beat her. She said her husband was in the garage trying to distract them and gain attention from neighbors by blowing the car horn.When the 911 operator asked why her sons would have done this,…

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