Kanye West and Kirk Franklin to Collaborate Musically?


Kanye West and Kirk Franklin to Collaborate Musically?

If Kirk Franklin is working on an album with Kanye West, we could never be surprised. Kirk was never very “spiritual enough” for us anyway because we think he took gospel too far in his own way. Everyone knows about the rumors of Kanye West’s involvement with the Illuminati and how could Kirk Franklin not know this? This is because he isn’t spiritually grounded and doing an alleged album with Kanye West is probably everything he’s ever dreamed of. We bet he will call this his way of reaching more of the world through his music when really he’s already too into the world to help anyone! That’s our two cents!

Kanye and Kirk (“Losing My Religion”) are working on an album together? — That’s the question some folks were asking as a photo of Franklin, West and a few other artists was trending on Twitter Friday.

The photo, seen below, was posted by rapper 2 Chainz on his Instagram account Friday night.

Seen in the photo are “Kanye, Mike Dean, A$AP Mob’s A$AP Bari, and…Kirk Franklin,” according to Hot 97 DJ Miss Info.