Cosby Wants Privacy of His Upcoming Deposition in California

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Cosby Wants Privacy of His Upcoming Deposition in California

What nerve he has, huh? If he had requested for “privacy” in his last deposition as we all know now he admitted to wanting to drug women for sex, than maybe this wouldn’t be a big deal. Nevertheless, Cosby’s last deposition was sealed due to all of the accusations and victims involved. Thank God it was finally released to the public because it broke the case and his blatant lies.

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Bill Cosby is seeking to keep private his scheduled questioning under oath in a case involving accusations that he sexually assaulted a young woman when she was 15. 

The California lawsuit was filed by the woman, Judy Huth, who says that Mr. Cosby forced her to perform a sex act on him at the Playboy Mansion in 1974.

The deposition, scheduled for Oct. 9, was allowed to go forward in July, when the California Supreme Court denied Mr. Cosby’s petition for review. Last month, a judge set dates for Mr. Cosby’s deposition and that of Ms. Huth.

Mr. Cosby’s lawyers say they have filed a motion for a protective order seeking to keep his questioning private. Such an order would keep the deposition private between the parties.

On Tuesday, Ms. Huth’s legal team filed an opposition to the Cosby team’s motion in Los Angeles County Superior Court to keep the deposition public, according to her lawyer, Gloria Allred.

“They filed a motion for a protective order, and we filed our opposition because we oppose their motion and we don’t think it is appropriate,” Ms. Allred said on Wednesday. “We believe in transparency to the extent permitted by law.”

A hearing on whether to allow the protective order is scheduled for Oct. 5, Ms. Allred said.

Ms. Huth is one of many women who have come forward to say that Mr. Cosby sexually assaulted them in some way. Her case is one of the few complaints against Cosby that can proceed in civil court because she says the alleged abuse happened when she was a minor. A lawyer for Mr. Cosby has previously dismissed the accusation against his client as “meritless.”

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