“Preacher Pimp” Museum Exhibit Asked to be Taken Down Because It looks Bad for Pastors


“Preacher Pimp” Museum Exhibit Asked to be Taken Down Because It looks Bad for Pastors

Officials at the new Tubman African American Museum are meeting this afternoon to discuss complaints about a painting that, some say, puts black preachers in a negative light.

The work is called “Preacher Pimp,” by Atlanta artist Alfred Conteh.

The Rev. David Stanley of Union Baptist Church said, “It was making light of African American ministers, just not representing them in the right way.”

Conteh said his piece has been on display at the museum for about two years. He said a Tubman official called him about a month ago to tell him about the complaints.

Conteh takes issue with the idea that his art reflects badly on preachers.

“I’m not making preachers look bad. Preachers make preachers look bad,” Conteh said in a telephone interview with 13WMAZ on Thursday. He was born in Peach County, but now lives in the Atlanta area.

“I’m not anti-preacher or anti-Christian, but look at all of these prosperity preachers like Creflo Dollar. I can walk all the way from Atlanta to Middle Georgia by stepping on the roofs of churches. There are so many.”

Conteh said he takes issue with preachers failing to do more about poverty and economics in their communities.

“Look at the preachers, their homes, how they live,” he said. “They’re looking pretty good. Now look at the congregations. How are they looking? Not too good. You look at many of these communities and they need economic plans, but the preachers don’t talk about that, but they want their money.”

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