Gospel’s Kirk Franklin Says Swagger is Needed in the Gospel, Really?


Gospel’s Kirk Franklin Says Swagger is Needed in the Gospel, Really?

Our Good Lord has always used the unlikeliest of people to bring glory to Himself. Jesus Christ himself was mocked by the haters in his day because of who he hung out with and what they looked like.

It’s probably a good idea to not repeat the mistakes of those who crucified our Christ.

One of the things I love about being in a community that shares my hue is that we have always given the world its sauce! From the Harlem Renaissance to the electric slide, from the word “fresh” to, of course, swagger [or swag], popular culture has always looked to us to keep them updated and aware. From every kid in the suburbs to the ones on the block, we let you know what the world will be wearing or saying before they are wearing or saying it.

And since what influences the culture doesn’t stay in a bubble, it influences the faith community as well. Like it or not, your kids know LIL WAYNE probably more than your favorite Christian artist. As a kid we were always trying to explain what the new slang word meant to our parents, like you probably tried to explain to yours!

From the rock revolution and the British invasion to the world domination of hip-hop, every parent or adult at the time either cursed the movement, or were at least confused by it…

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