White House Wants Mega Church To Give Back $300,000 of funds from Ponzi Scheme


White House Wants Mega Church To Give Back $300,000 of funds from Ponzi Scheme

It was years ago, when David McQueen first donated $300,000 to a Michigan mega church who is now a convicted and jailed Ponzi scheme runner. Even though the ministry, Resurrection Life Church was unaware, the government is still asking the ministry to voluntarily give back those big bucks. There were multiple donations given in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, according to lead pastor Duane Vander Klok.




In an explanatory message posted to Facebook, he said, “The money was dispersed to various charitable causes many years ago according to the requirements of the law. Because so much time has passed since the donations were made, it is impossible to find those dollars now.”

McQueen, who ran a $46 million scam, is currently serving 30 years in federal prison. He has been ordered to pay $32 million in restitution to more than 800 victims—some who mortgaged their houses and gave up their retirement savings for the investment sham.

After discovering that the U.S. Attorney Patrick Miles Jr. addressed the issue and sent out letters to victims, informing them that Resurrection Life refused to contribute to their reimbursement efforts, some ministry officials believe this is damaging to their reputation.

Pastor Vander Klok said in his statement, “If Resurrection Life Church had been aware of the nature of the funds at the time they were received, or even before the funds were dispersed to charitable causes, we would have gladly returned them to the investors.”

He added, “Sadly, we never had that opportunity because no one had any knowledge of the illegal circumstances surrounding the gifts until many years later.”

Facebook commenter slammed the ministry, saying, “Any church, that would knowingly keep the money donated to them, that was stolen from people [sic] life savings, should see a drastic decline in membership, as I’m pretty sure God isn’t okay with what they are doing.”

At present, Resurrection Life is establishing a special fund account to benefit investors who lost their funds, he said.