Political Scandal: Jesse Jackson Jr. Released from Prison to Half way House [UPDATE]

jesse jackson jr soon to be imprisoned

Political Scandal: Jesse Jackson Jr. to Report to Prison Soon


UPDATE on March 27, 2014:

Former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was released from an Alabama prison Thursday morning after serving time on charges of tax evasion and misuse of campaign funds.

His father, Rev. Jesse Jackson, confirmed around 5:30 a.m. Thursday that his son has been released from the Montgomery facility, calling it a “joyous reunion.” He said his son is doing “very well.”

The 50-year-old Jackson will serve the remainder of his sentence at a Washington, D.C., halfway house. Jackson began his 2 1/2-year sentence in 2013. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons lists his release date as Sept. 20, 2015.

His wife, Sandi, also faces time for related charges.

She will reportedly begin serving her sentence in September, since she and her husband asked for staggered sentences in order to take care of their young children.

Jackson has lost a lot of weight during his prison term, and now has the “biggest Afro you’ve ever seen,” according to a source familiar with the situation.

Source: Fox News / The AP


UPDATE on June 12, 2014:

The former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. now has a projected release date of Sept. 20, 2015, more than three months earlier than listed previously, federal officials confirmed Monday. Jackson’s first projected release date from federal prison was Dec. 31, 2015.

Here’s some more good news: Jackson has paid the $550,000 he owed the U.S. government over his misuse of campaign funds, according to a court filing.

According to the Bureau of Prisons, “Financial obligations and release dates are unrelated,” said prisons spokesman Chris Burke. So there is no reason for us to think his payments had anything to do with his earlier release date, we guess!



UPDATE on Nov. 6, 2013:

Jesse Jackson Jr. may be released from federal prison on Dec. 31, 2015.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons website has projected this release date says Ed Ross from the Bureau. It is an assumption that Jackson receives the maximum reduction of 54 days a year and for good behavior.
Jackson was placed into  a North Carolina prison on Tuesday to start serving a 2 1/2-year term for illegally spending $750,000 in campaign money inappropriately.
Source: The AP


UPDATE on Oct. 30, 2013:

Former Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. reported to federal prison on Monday to begin serving a 2-1/2 year sentence for misusing campaign funds, according to a family spokeswoman.

When he reported to prison on Monday, “Congressman Jackson apologized again and expressed sincere regret for causing so much pain and sadness to his family, his constituents and his friends,” the statement said. Source


UPDATE on October 27, 2013:

Former congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., of Chicago, Ill. is selling his D.C. home to help pay off the judgement levied against him as part of his sentence for illegally converting campaign funds to personal use, says USA Today report.

Court findings say the judgement against him is $750,000 and the home going up for sell is worth $1.3 million dollars.

Jackson has also been sentenced to two and a half years in prison and he pleaded guilty in February to diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars from his campaign to personal use.
His wife Sandra Jackson, was also sentenced to a year in prison for filing false tax returns related to the scheme, but because the couple has young children, she will not serve her sentence until her husband’s prison term ends.
Original post from Oct. 19, 2013 below:

This still bothers us and its such a shame that  Jesse Jackson Sr. and Jr. and their legacy have been to tainted that some are saying they don’t want to remember the good they did. Well, we have to forgive them and they surely have to ask for forgiveness from the public but mostly from God. We hope he can redeem himself in the future by doing more good than harm.

ABC News reports:

The clock is ticking for Jesse Jackson Jr. as the convicted former congressman is scheduled to report to prison in less than a month.

He’s also supposed to turn-over some of the personal items he illegally purchased with campaign money.
The Rolex. The Michael Jackson memorabilia. Those stuffed elk heads.
Who could forget some of the more unusual items Jackson purchased with campaign money?
ABC7 has been looking into where those items went, and some of the answers may surprise you.
“Today I manned up and tried to accept responsibility for the error of my ways,” Jackson said in August.
Part of Jackson’s “acceptance of responsibility” requires him to repay the government nearly three-quarters of a million dollars. He has said he thinks he can get the money together by the end of this month.
Less clear is what has happened to some of Jackson’s more interesting purchases.
Twelve of them, including a red cape and autographed guitar, were put up for auction. The sale, though, scrubbed last month when US Marshal’s learned some of the signatures may be fakes.
“When you look at the amount of money that was spent, his campaign funds were his personal piggy bank,” Ronald Manchin, D.C. U.S. Attorney said on February 20.
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