What Happened to Holiness Among Descendants of the Apostolic Church?

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Originally posted on Dec. 13, 2010

Back in the early 1980’s born again believers of the Apostolic church represented themselves in a holy fashion.   Apostolic preachers were more strict than the Church of God in Christ, at that time, and they preached strict holiness, nothing else. Among Apostolic saints, they either identified themselves as “Jesus Only” or “Jesus Name”.   The Apostolic preacher would preach against women wearing pants, makeup, jewelry or any loose sort of attire.  The Apostolic saints did not even believe in watching television.  You had to be baptized in Jesus Name, in order to be saved and a baptism pool could always be found in every Apostolic sanctuary.  In the 21st century, the descendants of this denomination have ceased from the teachings of their forefathers.  Therefore, they have yielded to the ways of the world like any other denomination and you cannot tell them a part from ungodly people.   Our question is, what caused the descendants of the Apostolic faith to rebel and negatively influence other Christians.  Was money that important to cease from their foundation of being holy?

Here are some big names who have negatively influenced the church world and God is not pleased with their rebellion: Bishop T. D. Jakes, Tonex, Elder Cage _mother of psalmist, Byron Cage has been a minister at Bishop Eddie Long’s Church for several years), Tye Tribett, just to name a few.

Bishop T. D. Jakes is a descendant of the Apostolic Church and appears to have sold his soul to the Devil, check out our latest article, regarding him caught on video throwing up Satanic hand gestures. He has been caught doing Satanic hand signs on national television and many people in the church are not educated enough to understand what they are. They are Illuminati signals to the Devil to acknowledge to the world their soul belongs to him.  Jakes has even preached a sermon on Ruth and Naomi as if he agrees with homosexuality.  Jakes has endorsed the hip-hop movement in gospel music and has made it known that Mary Mary is his favorite artist.  Mary Mary have also been caught on video allegedly doing the Illuminati hand signs (stay tuned for that upcoming article). 

What happened to being holy among the descendants of the Apostolic denomination and what caused descendants like Bishop Jakes and his wife to become discreet Satan worshipers?

Elder Cage, the mother of popular Psalmist Byron Cage has been a longtime minister at Bishop Eddie Long’s Church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta.  This woman used to belong to the Apostolic church in Detroit, Michigan.   What is she doing remaining at such a place that endorses hip-hop in gospel music? Also, she allowed her son to do a hip hop gospel video with Bishop Eddie Long, which was the start of that movement back in the 1980’s.  After all the sexual allegations of child molestation against Bishop Eddie Long, she is still attending the church and was just seen in the pulpit this last Sunday, dismissing the service while Long and his family were absent.   How could this former member of the Apostolic denomination support such a man? Is he giving her a generous salary? Like Jakes, Bishop Eddie Long has been doing Illuminati hand signs and also quotes Numerology while standing before his congregation or prophesying to members at the alter.

How could Elder Cage support such a man who has not only hurt four young men (and probably more), but has sold his soul to the Devil? We had also given you that article, which reveals a video we found on You Tube of Bishop Long revealing Satanism in the pulpit.

Tonex who was very popular in the gospel music industry is a descendant of the Apostolic church and even took over his father’s church, True Apostolic Community Church in Spring Valley, Ca.  Tonex’s father died in 2004 and his mother died last year of 2009.   Tonex just want quit crying out for attention, and exposing his identity as a gay man.  His recent article in the New Yorker, reported his bitterness regarding his father being harsh against homosexuals during a sermon, after he told his parents he was gay.  First, Tonex left the gospel music industry, which did not need him in the first place, because he was one of the main artists responsible for taking holiness out of gospel music in the way he performed and the music behind his lyrics.  Then, Tonex announced his return, then he left again.  Then, so many months later, he wanted the world to know he was a homosexual.   Tonex was also seen dressing in drag, very effeminate.  Losing his parents did not even turn him back to righteousness, but instead, it seems as though he got much worse while making it known, he is still rebelling against his deceased father by preaching Bishop Carlton Pearson’s (a descendant of COGIC) doctrine, the Gospel of Inclusion.  Yes, Tonex wanted to shock the church world again and let the world know, he was going to be preaching gay affirming sermons, allegedly. We do not know why he wants to come out so bold as if he wants to hurt the church, but he is only hurting himself and when his life comes to an end, he will realize he made a big mistake.  However, the question remains, why is another descendant of the Apostolic Church misleading people and have turned away from Godliness?

Tye Tribett, is another very bold character, except he has not left the church world, but in his music he has always been very wild and having no form of representing holiness while performing at his concerts or even in the House of God.  He has also been a big contributor of hip-hop gospel.    Tye Tribett is a descendant of the Apostolic church, why was there no foundation of holiness or what possibly happened in that particular denomination to cause him to feel it is okay to join the movement of hip-hop gospel, an unholy movement that has dominated the gospel music industry for the past 20 years?

Tonex and Tye Tribett among other hip-hop gospel artists have been allowed to perform at some Apostolic churches, over the years.  How could this be, since the Apostolic church used to be one of the most recognized churches that preached strict holiness?  What caused to them to have a reprobate mind?

There are many Apostolic churches all over this country, similar Church of God in Christ who have ceased their foundation of strict holiness and they have released their rules and regulations of dress-code, all for money and recognition, just like COGIC.   What will God say when they have to stand before Him on judgment day? Will they hear Him say, ‘Well Done, thy good and faithful servant’?

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