Deion Sanders Says He Sympathizes with Michael Sam

Deion Sanders Says He Sympathizes with Michael Sam

Read the latest on Michael Sams from Deion Sanders:

When questioned about openly homosexual football player Michael Sam, Pro Football Hall of Famer and CBS Sports analyst Deion Sanders said that gay “could be” a choice and added that, “The God I know don’t make mistakes.”

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Dropped NFL Draft Michael Sam Regrets How He Came Out

This is a shame! The NFL, NBA and NLB will never be ready for a openly gay man in the game. We are not sure what Michael Sam was thinking but he most likely ruined his chances to ever playing pro ball and becoming great in the history football. SMH. Fortunately, it is not the end if he strives to do better in life now and make better decisions.

Read the interview GQ Magazine with Michael Sam:

Michael Sam has been out of football since being dropped from the Dallas Cowboys practice squad and in an interview with GQ he expressed regret that he came out publicly as gay prior to the draft.

Sam: If I had it my way, I never would have done it the way I did, never would have told it the way I did.

GQ: Really?

Sam: I would have done the same thing I did at Mizzou. Which was to tell my team and my coaches and leave it at that. But since I did tell my team, word got out.… People think the word didn’t get out. It did. Or it did and it didn’t. They kept it confined within our family. But the recruiters knew, and reporters knew, and they talked to each other, and it got out. If I didn’t have the year I did, nobody would have cared. But I did have that year. And a lot of people knew. Someone was gonna ask me, “I heard you told your team a secret.…” Well, I was comfortable with who I was, and I wouldn’t have denied it. And then I wouldn’t have been able to control the story. But I have no regrets. Some people can argue that I had the potential to go higher in the draft. But I think everything happens for a reason. It looks good to see me in the position I’m in now, because I can show the world how good I am and rise up the ranks. I’m at the bottom now. I can rise up, show I’m a football player. Not anything else. Just a football player.

Sam is obviously conflicted here, saying he had no regrets but while sounding like he does. I am not sure whether a reporter ever would have asked him about gay rumors, since reporters shy away from that. But by coming out on his own terms, Sam controlled the process and that’s a plus.

In the interview, Sam admitted that as the draft neared an end and he was still undrafted, he feared the worst.

Maybe I should never have come out. Maybe I made a mistake about everything. Maybe the NFL wasn’t ready for a gay player, after all. One of those moments. I started to cry. And at that moment, [boyfriend] Vito came into the room. I didn’t even hear him come in; I didn’t know he was there. But then his hand was suddenly on my shoulder. He just put his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him, and he was teary-eyed, too. And in that moment I knew that I had made the right choice.