Andrew Caldwell Says Producer of iTunes Remix Song Asked Permission to Distribute


Andrew Caldwell Says Producer of iTunes Remix Song Asked Permission to Distribute

 We may not refute his testimony but we are wondering why would he agree to distribute this “I’m Not Gay No More (REMIX)? We question it because so many people have sent death threats, ridiculed and bullied him about his testimony and we wonder why be a part of the problem? There are so many parodies and spoofs on the internet making fun of his testimony. Though he stated he never wanted a dime, he will surely be getting some iTunes earnings from the auto song and the distribution of it. On the photo above, Andrew Caldwell’s contact information is printed there. See the song on iTunes HERE

Below is a statement from his Facebook page with the news:

*BREAKING NEWS* Andrew Caldwell would like to express that the viral video of his deliverance experience is not a hoax or scam. Andrew would also like to express that he already had books for sale prior to this event at the COGIC convocation. The “I’m Not Gay No More (REMIX)” was not staged or thought of in advance. The producer of the song, Andre Forbes, composed this remix and reached out to Andrew for permission to make a full song and distribute. Andrew is simply trying to make the most of a negatively publicized situation. His intentions are not to offend anyone, but rather to share his personal experience with others

Also, before this statement was made, his page reflected the iTunes song posted several times as if to get attention from his fans to go and buy it. It appeared to be promoted. We know that he has books on Amazon and was an author way before all of this but we can’t ignore that he is trying to get some funds from this song. He did give permission for Andre Forbes to do so. But why agree to do this when its a part of the ridicule and bullying he states he’s so against?

As far as COGIC suing him as news reports have been circulating, we can not confirm that.