Pastor Jamal Bryant Proves CDC Created and Patented CA2471523A1 BKA “Ebola”

Pastor Jamal Bryant Proves CDC Created and Patented CA2471523A1 BKA “Ebola”

The Ebola Virus is taking over the minds and lives of some Americans and many people in Africa. We have been stating amongst ourselves that this was a conspiracy against ALL black people and it was allowed to come here in the U.S. because “some people want” us to die. You can believe what you like but its not a coincidence and its not a game. People who are contracting this disease are dying by the numbers.

Reports say, Pastor Jamal Bryant delivered a sermon Sunday advising his congregation in The Empowerment Temple in Baltimore that the Ebola virus is man-made and was patented in 2007.

Pastor Bryant referenced patent number CA2471523A1, awarded to the Center For Disease Control in 2007 after the design of the virus called Ebobun, better known as Ebola. According to the Pastor who allegedly obtained a copy of the patent, the patent application was written under the name of the Government Of The United States Of America. Within the description on the patent application, the CDC claims to have invented the virus.

SEE the Ebola Virus patent

In the words of Pastor Jamal Bryant:

“Why would you need a patent? You would only need a patent to either control something or to make a profit.”

Is this yet another unsubstantiated ebola conspiracy theory? Pastor Bryant offered a number of references. Are you prepared to do the work to investigate?

Lawd have mercy!! We will be keeping up with this regularly!!