Memphis COGIC Pastor Accused of Misappropriating Church Money and Sexual Allegations

Memphis Pastor Accused of Misappropriating Church Money and Sexual Allegations

We believe this scandal is brought before us through Thaddeus Matthews who received a letter from a church member revealing some unsavory news about the pastor at her church.

The members of New Life Holiness Church have been under the impression that they were members of The Churches Of God In Christ, but documents including loan documents and bankruptcy documents show that the church is a part of The Church of The Nazarene, a organization that does not believe in many of the practices of COGIC including speaking in tongues.

**NOTE: Some of the words have been altered and the text is edited to remove vulgarities.

So this pastor who is alleged to be using church funds to pay for (gay sexual favors) is certainly a liar and a deceiver too. In reading the bankruptcy documents of the church Frederick Smith filed the paperwork using his home address, which tells me the members didn’t know they were under bankruptcy. So you members who say you love the pastor and have attacked me for exposing him how does it feel to be made as fools.

Read below:

I was a member of New———Church pastored by Pastor XXXX and XXXX,but i recently left becasue of a lot of drama and controversy. A few weeks ago Pastor XXXX got up and said he was resigning because he had gotten into some trouble. His wife got up and said that she would be taking over because there was still going to be a church. He left and missed the next Sunday, but she got up and told the church that he was out at 2 am in the morning looking for condos for them to move into (who looks for condos at 2am – who shows condos at 2am?), and got robbed and his car was stolen (a Porsche). Many of us have known for years that Pastor XXXX struggled with a desire for men, and we have heard he picks men up late at night. He has been a faithful pastor and prayer warrior, and so many of us have stayed. But I have said enough is enough. There are too many things that just dont add up. Several of us found these letters on our cars a few weeks ago that some guy was seen putting on the cars. I will try to scan a copy and send it to you. I think this is worth investigating.


Now, here’s more on the story and about whom:

“…The preacher who is alleged to be using the church tithes and offerings is Frederick G. Smith of New Life Holiness Church. But even though you know who he is there’s more to the story that will prove that the members are being bamboozled.

The mislead members not only have a alleged (gay man) for a pastor that teaches holiness, but a pastor who has his members thinking that they are COGIC when they are not. I have the documents that will prove that they are members of the church of the Nazerene where $275,000 was borrowed. By the way members did you know the church filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on Apr 4, 2012 case # 2:12-bk-23589. I’m also told that some of his in the closet gay pastor friends are worried that they to will be exposed.”

The Memphis New Life Holiness Church Of The Nazerene:  Here’s the entire bankruptcy file: