Historic Timmons Temple COGIC: Church Seeking Donations to Relocate [UPDATE]

Historic Timmons Temple COGIC: Church Seeking Donations to Relocate [UPDATE]

UPDATE on Sept. 5, 2014:

As many of you may know, on August 26, we officially announced a $70,000 pledge from the apartment complex developer for the “ Save Timmons Temple Fund”, the historic church slated for demolition at 934 E. Webster. (Greenway Studios had previously pledged $10,000).

We need $105,000 cash to move the temple, so we are trying to fill the remaining gap of approximately $20,000 more to lift the structure onto steel, and move it 200 yards to a new foundation in Silver Springs Park . The new foundation is included in this $105,000 price. Our fund at CFO is growing daily, but slowly. We still need 20 more people to give us a $1,000 pledge or donation, and/or 200 people to give us a $100 pledge or donation, (the pledge email address is: helpsavetimmonstemple.org; tax-deductible online donation link to CFO/STT fund: savetimmonstemple.org), or any amount people are financially able to contribute. Pledges will be nullified if we do not reach our goal.We are currently working diligently to cover estimated infill costs with in-kind services from the business community. Park management has asked us to deliver a fully-functional facility, so we are seeking grants from foundations and organizations as well. 

UPDATE from June 23, 2014:

The Timmons Temple, the 80-year old rock-walled church was scheduled to be demolished May 5th and a small group of preservationist and community members are fighting to save it.

David Eslick, a Springfield preservationist and leader of the group “Save Timmons Temple says:

“We’ve lost some historic buildings because nobody had stepped up and said ok let’s try to save this,” says. These historic buildings are the fabric of our Springfield community. If we start losing this fabric then we lose that community.”

News reports say the church is no longer in service and is scheduled to be demolished to make room for a new apartment complex. Eslick says the group has a plan to move the church just down the road to Silver Springs Park.

The building will serve as a community center equipped with bathrooms, heating and air. But to put the plans in place will cost around 200,000 dollars.

Eslick says they are asking for the communities help. “We need the community. We need some of the big philanthropic givers to step forward to donate some money so this building can be moved.” BUT

There is a time crunch. Eslick says they have until June 2nd to raise the money to keep this historic building a part of Springfield future. “I just hope we can, well, I know we can do it.  I’m a man of faith.”



Original post from March 7, 2014:

Although, the pastor of Timmons Temple COGIC has a new location, it’s very sad that this historic property will be destroyed.

Timmons Temple COGIC has been existing since 1932.  Those of us who appreciate...Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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