Remember this?: How Bishop T.D. Jakes Describes God

How Bishop T.D. Jakes Describes God by Kevin

This was part of an hour long interview on OWN. Bishop Jakes was asked by Oprah, were there other “paths” to God.

I was left somewhat confused by the answer. He started off talking about celebrating freedom of religion and “tolerance” THEN changed the
conversation to explain how some find God at the church, house, bedroom and even prison. Finding God at various places has NOTHING to do with freedom or tolerance. Why the confusion???

He then affirms that there may be different paths, but only one God and one Door.

Not satisfied with the answer (as well as she should not have been) Oprah ask Jakes more specifically “Are all the religions leading to that path or is it only Christianity leads to that path?”

Jakes then responds by saying that even Christians within Christianity can miss the path….and more specifically that he believes that many people can start in other religions and cross over, even at their last breath, because he believes that Jesus is that door.

I watched this interview again on Sunday April 15th. Later in another segment in the same interview, Jakes came back to this question and affirmed to Oprah that there “had to be many different paths to God, because we all have different experiences” to which Oprah affirmed that everyone’s understanding is a t a different level. so that makes sense.

Jakes equivocated on the word “path” he presented it as if, being saved out of different experiences in life was acceptable. That God can save at home or in church. Oprah believes that ALL RELIGION leads to the same GOd. She believes in eclecticism and universalism.

This was a deceptive move filled with obfuscation. After watching, anyone not concerned about the Bishop’s answer that is receiving spiritual  from him ought to have him clarify what he means. He denied the same doctrine when Carlton Pearson presented it years ago. Why does he embrace it now???

Did he answer the question? I think he did and it is disturbing. Jakes like the rest of the TV preachers do not preach the True Biblical Gospel but a Self-Help Gospel sprinkled with prosperity overtones.

Jakes has become an Oprah disciple as this fits his worldly desires. Jakes left much room for conjecture in answering Oprah’s question and
ensured Oprah did not become an enemy.

When one preaches the Gospel one must be specific about God’s Son:

Who he is
What he did
Who he did it for
Why he did it

Jakes has NEVER preached that message and I was a member of the Potter’s House for nearly 2 years during my lost days.

There are many popular religious people today as there have been in the past but being popular doesn’t mean you are speaking the Truth of Scripture.