Pastor Paula White’s Without Walls Central Church Status and UPDATE

Without Walls Central Church in ruins (according to pictures online)

Photo courtesy of Youtube account: JonahT48

Pastor Paula White’s Without Walls Central Church UPDATE

Original post on Jan, 13, 2012:

We wanted to give an update on Paula White’s Without Walls Central Church in Lakeland, FL.

On Jan. 4, 2012, we reported via The Ledger that the church had in fact had no electric service since at least August 2011 because Lakeland Electric disconnected the church’s electric service because they say its owner, White of Without Wall International Church in Tampa had too many missed payments. Also, the fire marshal plastered notices on the church windows stating ‘without power makes it a hazard’.

We also found out by visiting White’s Without Walls Central website, that Sheila and Bill Coffey were allegedly the pastors of the church now.

But some things have changed which, one of our sources realized this week. The WWCC webpage with this information on it has been removed and is now blank. On Jan. 4th, when we reported the news, it clearly stated on the webpage:

Without Walls Central in Lakeland Florida is now known as Harbor of Hope Ministries under the leadership of Senior Pastor Sheila Coffey and Co-Pastor Bill Coffey.

It was apparent at the time by the above statement, that the new pastoral leadership over WWCC was allegedly now under The Coffeys but the church was named Harbor of Hope Ministries. The above statement clearly gave the impression that Paula White’s church at the Lakeland location was now renamed.

We were able to find out that The Coffey’s church Harbor of Hope is in Lakeland, FL but resides at 1231 W Ariana Street, Lakeland FL 33803. Nowhere on their website does it state they had anything to do with WWCC’s new leadership. Though Sheila Coffey’s LinkedIn page stated she worked for Without Walls International for a short time before, it only stated she moved on to start Harbor of Hope, again without mention of WWCC.

For some unknown reason White’s WWCC website named The Coffeys as the new pastors of her church in Lakeland but this, according to our source, may not have been correct even though the website stated as such at the time of our report.

The Without Walls Central Church on 777 Carpenter’s Way, Lakeland, FL is now up for sale. The website that is hosting the sale of the property is asking for $15,750,000. The property’s listing on the site describes the land as:

Waterfront, Campus style property, 9,600 seat event/auditorium facility, 3 story school building, built is 1929 possibly a candidate for historical designation. Surrounded by Retail, Residential, Senior Living.

While all of this may be true, the property is in many ways in ruins. A Youtube video was released days ago that has photos including a documentary by the woman who visited the church recently. The video described in detail that the property is still pretty well structured but some parts are in bad condition. She stated vandals have spray painted graffiti on some parts inside; windows have been busted out or falling from their frames; trash was left inside; and even the retired carpenter’s senior living building is not in use nor maintained. The woman who took the photos of the church property stated in some respects, it was being used as a dog park.

Although most reports state the building was without power since August of 2011, the property appears to have been out of use for much, much longer, according to the pictures in the video. Clearly, we can’t believe a megachurch of such maginitude would have services in a building like this one.

So, it may be clear now that pastors of Harbor of Hope allegedly did not take over WWCC because it is now for sale and according to the video and photo documentation, has not been allegedly in church service mode for quite some time.

Paula White’s Without Walls International Church website is now quoting this about her affiliation with her Tampa church location:

Pastor Paula White is the co-founder and Apostolic Overseer of Without Walls International Church and New Destiny Christian Center.

We are not sure if she still gives sermons at the Tampa church or who, if any, is the new senior pastor of WWIC.

Watch the video below for the update on the what WWCC looks like now. We do not own this video: