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Bishop Eddie Long Was Warned of Ephren Taylor’s Scams Before Bilking Church Members [UPDATE]

eddie long and ephren taylor

Bishop Eddie Long Was Warned of Ephren Taylor’s Scams Before Bilking Church Members

UPDATE on August 25, 2013: In the wake of the latest news on conman Ephren Taylor who was spotted out of the hiding in Kansas, while he and his wife were reportedly working at a spa. They’ve been caught living well beneath what they were used to. Read more at link above.

Original post below from Feb 10, 2013:

Can anyone say: “I’m so surprised to hear this?” Of course not. What we can say is this: Bishop Eddie Long’s dirty deeds have long been out of the closet since 2010 when the sexual misconduct case was exposed in the news. There have been several incidences and unusual deeds he’s been allegedly a part of since then. This, our dear friends, is just another expose’ of his greatest hits. God’s not done with him yet. He has much more to expose in the Eddie Long scandal.

WSBTV reported how someone called and informed Bishop Long’s assistant 2 WEEKS before that Ephren Taylor may not be the man he thinks he is:

During the discovery process, the church handed over an internal memo dated nearly two weeks prior to Taylor’s New Birth seminars.

An unidentified caller told Long’s assistant that he “did not want the church to be taken advantage of.”

He warned of Taylor’s $3 million capital deficit, and that Taylor “will issue promissory notes to the congregation if allowed that gives him legal authorization to do what he wants and there will be no return on investment.”

eddie long was warned of ephren taylor's schemes

One member stated disbelief that her then bishop would go forth and allow Taylor to prey on his congregation:

“To hear that they got a memo that says this guy you’re bringing here is a crook, I think that was ridiculous,” said Wells. “I really think that if you know something, either you should cancel, you shouldn’t bring the person there.”

“That’s just evidence that’s called a smoking gun,” said attorney Jason Doss, who represents the church members.

Doss said Long had a duty to pass along that warning.

Let’s not forget his alleged 5th accuser, Centino Kemp is releasing his ‘First Lady’ book on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. Though we don’t think Centino Kemp was an actual victim in the Eddie Long sex scandal but he certainly and allegedly had enough info to get a piece of the pie and now tell whatever story he has written. We guess it will be a good piece of drama and tall tales.

Read more and see video HERE