When Taking Selfies Crossed the Line Behind the Pulpit of Pastors!

When Taking Selfies Crossed the Line Behind the Pulpit of Pastors!

We just have to discuss this for a minute. Take a look at that infamous selfie Bishop Edie Long took that rocked his world forever. We think Bishop Long was one of the firsts to be ‘found out’ by way of a suggestive photo that became the center of the biggest church scandals ever. As we know, we live in a new world now and when people could get away with cheating and no one knowing. Well, that time in life is OVER! Even if people suspected pastors and men and women of the church like gospel artists to have affairs, we NEVER, EVER saw pics or videos! Oh my goodness no. In fact, pastors would never be caught like that but now we have the internet and smart phones. We become weak and lustful in our sin and want to TRUST (for what reason we do not know) the other person we are SNEAKING around with to only keep those nude selfies to themselves. We never think that they would expose us. All we are thinking about is being nasty and showing off our goods to this person who ultimately gets mad at the person and WAH-LA, there’s the naked selfie, sex tape, suggestive or nude images that get uploaded in a matter of seconds and literally STICKS to the internet search terms in Google forever! Lord help us!

Will we ever learn that cheating is wrong, taking nude photos is wrong, sending them to others is wrong and making sexual videos is wrong and especially wrong for a PASTOR!!

Let us just take a look at the pastors and men of god who have been accused of:

  • Pastor Charles Jenkins
  • Bishop Eddie Long
  • Pastor and gospel artist Deitrick Haddon
  • Gospel artist Kevin Terry (sex tape)
  • Pastor Mark Lewis
  • Pastor Darwin Randolph

We are sure there are many more we don’t even know about. Shame on them an we hope they get it together. It had to be embarrassing for the wives and especially the children to see their daddies on the internet showing off their family jewels and people ridiculing them. Great going pastor, bishop or man of God (mentioned above).