Why Does Tyler Perry’s Philanthropy Always Seem to Hit the News?

Why Does Tyler Perry’s Philanthropy Always Seem to Hit the News?

We covered this topic before and listened to an interview where Tyler Perry stated he doesn’t always tell the media what good deeds he does for people. He stated many times the media finds out. Unfortunately, it still seems like no matter what he does for others, it gets out. Thank God for what he can do for others. There’s nothing wrong with doing good for people; in fact, God adores this but He always states in the bible that we should do so in private and without announcing it to the world. We should not know what Tyler Perry does for everyone and it should not hit the news. It just seems arrogant and boastful.

Read below about his current good deed:

While watching the news, Perry stepped up to help a family avoid being thrown out of their home and the mother is Xernna Nieves. Her son, John Williams, who suffers from aplastic anemia and has already had two bone marrow transplants and his illness made it difficult for Nieves to find work after losing her job in 2012.

Tyler Perry offered to pay Nieves’ rent for a full year. He also reached out to the management company personally and the apartment manager will accept Perry’s offer and allow the family to remain in their home.

Again, there he goes calling the people directly instead of letting his people do it and remaining anonymous. This is just what we feel because everyone should not know when we do good because it is not about him but others. Who feels the same way we do?

Source: WSB-TV.