‘Do It for The Vine’ Church Video Doesn’t Help With Church Foolishness

do it for the lord, do it for the vine videos
Church Praise Ridiculousness: Get Right Church! Get Right!
This video below will show not only how the church will continually try and imitate the world but mock the church as well while thinking  they are making a difference.

We found this video that was picked up by Right This Minute Show. Apparently, there are some popular “Do It For the Vine” videos online that usually show a lot of foolishness like groups of young people dancing ad twerking. Well, the Pentecostal Full Gospel Worship Center in Florida Youth department decided to do their version of the videos and call them “Do It For the Lord”.

Now, grant it: The concept sounds good and they have young adults involved on a Saturday night at church but something is still wrong here. They did not twerk but they mocked the church with comedic holy dances, shouts, and much more. This is disturbing to us because we have watched so many praise break videos that show churches allowing folks to dance out of order and to ultimately make fun with some crazy man or woman who brought the world’s ‘moves’ into the church as if its true holy dancing.

Even Ready Church agrees this is out of order:

What are they thinking?! Come on adults and parents.   These people know right from wrong, but morals have went so far out the door. Why is the church doing it? It is not based on God at all. On top of that these people were in a place that is supposed to be in a place sanctified for worship and praise unto God, a place where the saints assemble themselves together as saints?,  In the video there was clearly mockery,   filth,  and the abundance of  wicked imagination.

We get it though. They are just having fun but really this foolishness should not be played inside the church house.

We always say the church has allowed too much and they wonder how young folks don’t take the church seriously. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves for allowing foolishness like hip hop gospel, R&B gospel, secular dancing, infidelity and total mockery and disrespect IN THE CHURCH! Let’s get right church! This is going too far now!!