R and B Songtress Anita Baker Plans to Sue Decorating Company [UPDATE]

R and B Songtress Anita Baker Issued Arrest Warrant

UPDATE on April 21, 2014:

Singer Anita Baker has countersued a company that says it hasn’t been paid for work done on her Detroit-area home.

The Detroit Free Press reports Saturday that Baker’s attorney says lawyers for Ray A. Smith Painting & Decorating “intended to put her in as embarrassing a light as possible.”

The 2011 lawsuit against Baker led to a warrant for her arrest, but the warrant was dismissed last month.

The company claims Baker owes it $15,000 for work done on her Grosse Pointe, Mich., home, but the singer’s lawyer has said Baker didn’t know she had been sued.

A hearing related to the original lawsuit is scheduled for April 25 in Wayne County Circuit Court.

An arrest warrant was issued to the Grammy award winning singer Anita Baker. She is being accused of not paying for services rendered from a painting and decorating company who did some work inside her home.

News from Click on Detroit reported:

Baker’s latest legal issue involves her sprawling Grosse Pointe estate. Ray Smith Painting and Decorating claims Baker never handed over more than $15,000 she owed the company for work done inside her home.

“We certainly would have liked to resolve it before now. We just want to try to get my client his money,” said attorney Daniel Gerow.

Gerow claims Baker has failed to pay up and failed to appear in court, which is why she is now wanted.

“We’re not trying to give her any hard time or anything unnecessary. We just would like to collect the money for my client. He’s owed the money, and that could end it all right then,” said Gerow.

The bench warrant for Baker’s arrest was issued yesterday.

This is Baker’s second time in two years facing jail time. In 2010, the “Giving You The Best That I Got” singer narrowly avoided time behind bars stemming from her divorce dispute.


Now the latest in the case is Anita Baker refutes the claims she did not pay. She told TMZ. Here’s what she told them on her side of the story:

She said she hired Ray Smith Painting and Decorating in 2009 to repair the outside of her home which was damaged by a storm.  The cost of the job was $75,000 … she paid $60K up front.

Anita says the guy didn’t even finish the job and what he did do was so bad … she got up on a ladder and did the spackling herself.

The singer says the contractor had the nerve to file suit for the $15K balance … problem was, she says she was in the dark because she never got served with legal papers.

When Anita was a no-show in court, the judge entered a default judgment.  She says still had no idea a case had even been filed.

Fast forward to July, 2013.  The contractor tried to haul Anita into court and grill her about where she kept her money, so he could go after it to satisfy the judgment.  The contractor claims he slapped the notice on her front door.  Anita tells us she was on tour and never saw a notice and doesn’t believe it was ever placed there.

So Anita was a no-show again for that hearing, and on Wednesday the judge issued the arrest warrant.

Anita tells us she’s in shock, saying, “I’ve never been in trouble with the law.  I’m terrified.”

She also says this isn’t the first time someone has pulled this on her — someone claiming to serve her with legal papers and then losing the case by default.

Anita’s lawyer says he’s going to court next week to get the warrant lifted and the default judgment set aside.

Anita tells us, as far as she’s concerned, “There’s no justice in the justice system.”