AT2W Replay: GA Pastor Ken Adkins Addresses Video of Him Using Profanity

pastor ken adkins profantiy video goes viral

Georgia Pastor Ken Adkins Addresses Video Recording of Him Using Profanity That Goes Viral

AT2W Replay from April 2013:

We saw the video and even though we disagree with the use and choice of words used by the pastor, he has every right to voice his opinion and concerns about his community and those that cause mayhem. He’s really no different than any of us who get upset when we see our people doing unseemly things and how we voice it. Of course, by it being videotaped and scrutinized make him look bad but really now- many of us speak the same way behind closed doors. Is he a sinner just because and should we judge him just because he’s a pastor?

Read report below:

A profanity-laced video showing prominent Georgia pastor Ken Adkins is spreading across the internet.  Adkins can be heard screaming the n-word on what appears to be a cell phone recording. On it, he also disparages members of the Brunswick community.

Embarrassed by parts of it, Adkins watched the video Wednesday night with Action News’ Jamie Smith.
The pastor said his tirade was secretly recorded months ago in the barbershop next door to his church in Brunswick moments after he witnessed a drug deal in his parking lot.
Adkins told Action News, “I said to them, ‘I’m frustrated.’  I can’t believe there are people who would jeopardize what we built because they’re stupid and crazy.”
Adkins can be heard on the 7-minute video blaming the community’s plight on various people. “It’s the black leaders’ fault,” the pastor can be heard yelling on the video.
Adkins also referred to members of his congregation in a disparaging manner, “I got to pastor these poor [expletive]!”
Adkins told Action News, “It was a heated statement saying, ‘You ain’t got nothing; I take you in;  I clean you up and this is the thanks I get?'”
More than a dozen of those congregation members he was speaking about, stood by the pastor for the interview.
“Some people need a little hardness to them. You can’t be soft with everybody,” said Eddie Collins, a former convict who credits Adkins with turning his life around.
“Sometimes you need tough love,” said Collins.
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