Kandi Burruss’ Gospel Album is a Success, She Says [UPDATE]

Kandi Burruss’ Gospel Album is a Success, She Says [UPDATE]

Controversial gospel track by Kandi Burruss and Marvin Sapp has not only raised some eyebrows but has really surprised her by their reaction. Kandi admits her friends laughed and told her no one would want to her that coming from her. She says that people on Twitter were pretty cruel and ‘hit below the belt’ many times with their criticism. In an interview with the Gospel Guru she says:

“Prior to hearing it people close to me where like nobody’s gonna want to hear that from you… I wasn’t expecting people to come sooo hard…people on twitter can say whatever. It’s not like how it used to be when I first came into the industry…now people have direct contact to you. Some of the things people said I was like whoah they kinda hit below the belt a little bit. But it is what it is.”

We are not sure what she expected because even though we all know the church can be hypocritical at times, it is true: They will defend the ‘traditional’ expectation of how artists should be and their background. She’s right: it is what it is in the church.

When asked if she would do an entire gospel project, her answer was ‘no’! Her response was:

“…No, I was just planning to have the one song on the album that I was currently working on. I don’t think people are ready for something like that from someone like myself….I don’t think people would be so open to that unless I was to totally change my life around over night. And I think that for most people like myself, just everyday people… you know I’m definitely not the holier than thou type, I’m more of…what my Grandma used to call “worldly”…lol…”

Well, we always say that if you are going to do gospel, then do gospel and do it right. We all know R&B artists make a least one gospel song on their albums but with her outright views on sex and secular career, it wouldn’t be so acceptable to the church. As Judge Karen would say: Stay in your lane! BTW, what was Marvin Sapp thinking? He was so against The Sisterhood reality show but he helps produce this song for Kandi Burruss? Talk about double faced!